Ridiculous Beef BUT Much Needed: Kendrick Lamar vs. Meek Mill


Ridiculous Beef BUT Much Needed: Kendrick Lamar vs. Meek Mill

We usually present beefs that we think are absolutely ridiculous, but with Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse he has started something beautiful in the Hip Hop arena. Kendrick Lamar has stirred up retaliation verses from a lot of rappers in the game like Cassidy, Papoose, and Meek Mills and Kendrick Lamar apparently gives no f***s! Here are the lyrics from “Control”:


Kendrick’s delivery of his music is genius with his stories and real raw emotional appeal that everyone can relate to. Even if he didn’t anticipate as many responses as he received in a way he made Hip Hop come alive again. Usually, we see beef via Twitter instead of listening to it like back in the day with Biggie and Pac East versus West beef. Kendrick brought all the lyricists out something we’ve been waiting to hear in the mainstream.


MMG’s Meek Mill responded with “Ooh Kill Em”. Do we love the response? Yes, we do because he is directly responding and not afraid to talk MAJOR cash money sh*t! Meek Mill was recently quoted saying that the beef is no negativity between he and Kendrick furthering making this a much needed beef in hip hop. This means every blow for blow will be strictly a chance to see who is the better lyricist. Here’s the video:

We love Meek’s response, but then again Lamar killed him at BET Hip Hop Award Cypher:

What do you think? Who is your favorite artist out of the two? Let us know.

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Photo credit: thisis50.com, thesource.com

5 thoughts on “Ridiculous Beef BUT Much Needed: Kendrick Lamar vs. Meek Mill

  1. Everyone likes beef and drama but it doesn’t necessarily have to go that route. Me personally I like Kendrick. He’s raw and goes for what he knows. It’s a hunger thing I sense with him. He’s not scared and willing to take it to the next level. I honestly didn’t think anything about the call outs he made to other artist other than genius. Again my opinion. Meek mills who? Lol

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