Get on your Side Chick Hustle

verysmartbrothasdotcomGet on your Side Chick Hustle

There will always be a mistress that is waiting around for you as “wifey” to mess up or slack off in your relationship. These side chicks are often overlooked as just flings or underestimated as sexual partners with no power. Usually they have no power, but this is only when you are on top of your game. If you fall in any of the next categories you may need to step up your side chick hustle:
1. Always working and neglecting your relationship.
2. Allowed for life to take your sex appeal.
3. Not giving up your apple pie.
4. Too dumb and blind to see your man lost interests.
5. Or upset with your man so you went and found a side piece as well.

Let me explain what the side chick hustle is before we continue. Side chicks have bad reputations, but let’s be clear they are some major hustlers. Women who aren’t in the forefront of a relationship, but want to be have the tenacity and mindset to plan a way to take your man. These side chicks turn into more than emotionless sex while you’re too comfortable! These chicks listen to your men’s gripes, start supplying the things you don’t or cannot anymore, they will cook, clean, and be create the sexiest fairy tale your man has ever seen.

Main girlfriends tend to get mad at these women, but I don’t think they can be too mad because what they can’t, won’t, or refuse to do (within reasonable measures) another woman will. Too be honest, many of you main chicks used to be side chicks. It starts with the initial “representative” the person you are in order to have this man. After you got him you slacked off… He found another you trying just as hard.

If you are someone’s girlfriend, fiancée, or wife you need to remember a relationship is sacrifice and give or take. You can’t stop being a sexy, intelligent, cooking, listening, supportive, and homeboy to your man! It’s not only about you; men need and want things from their women. No, I’m not saying that a man isn’t going to cheat just because I’m just saying stay surprising him so he won’t go looking for another to fill the needs you aren’t filling!

Keep him guessing and demand him to keep you interested in him as well. If you’re bored, let it be known! Stop being so damn scary with the person you’re with! Stop getting so comfortable with what he’s temporarily offering you and offer something more than what a side chick can! No offense but there’s only so much sex and fellatio a man needs before he needs support, a meal, a thought provoking conversation,& mental stimulation.

Start and stick to a side chick hustle because these women are kicking it just as hard as you.

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First seen on written by Jasmine Jackson, editor of Pardon My Audacity.
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11 thoughts on “Get on your Side Chick Hustle

  1. Okay, where’s the article on men stepping up their game so that their women don’t get a side-piece? Why is it always the woman that has to keep things up, look good, “keep it tight”, cook, listen, etc.? I’d like to hear men being told the same thing.

  2. All I have to say is be careful of what you ask for you just might get. 7 out of 10 times the sidechick that wins wish she had left him where he was. More times than not it’s a reason the “main chick” fell off.

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