Side Chick to Main Chick: An exclusive interview with Briana Johnson


Side Chick to Main Chick: Exclusive interview with Briana Johnson

Whenever there is another woman involved in any relationship, we the friends, cousins, sisters, always hear the main chick’s point of view. We tend to always destroy our perception of the “side chick” and we wonder about her morals, her facial features, and why doesn’t she have her own man. But that’s just it, we have negative perceptions of these side chicks and we never listen to their side of the story. Briana Johnson started off as Versance’s side chick unintentionally and eventually turned into his main chick. There will be some upset campers that we had the audacity to even let her tell her story, but Pardon My Audacity where there  is a story and someone willing to tell it— we will listen.  Briana invited us to talk out her side of the story:

PMA: Are you currently dating the man that you were the side chick to?

BJ: Yes! I was his side chick, now I’m his main chick.

PMA: If yes, how long have you been with him? If no, why did it end and how long were you two involved?

BJ: We’ve been a couple for 5 years.

PMA:  How long did you play side chick?

BJ: I was his side chick for 1 year.

PMA: Tell the readers in so many words how you two met.

We met our senior year in high school through a mutual friend. We met during lunch like I said through a mutual friend. I actually had never met him before but had heard a lot about him so it was good to put a face to the name that I’d heard often. He told a friend that he wanted to get to know me and she introduced us. I wasn’t interested at first because of some of the things I had heard about him but I went ahead and gave him my number. After that, our paths just seemed to cross more than ever.

PMA: Did you know from jump that he was with someone else?

BJ: I did know he was dating someone else in the very beginning. I actually knew his girlfriend very well…Not friends, but I knew her.

PMA: What made you decide to pursue him though he had a girlfriend?

BJ: He was persistent and I was getting bored with my relationship at the time so I decided to give it a go. He was really nice and he had some kind of charm about him. He kind of reminded me of the “boy next door” although he was considered your typical “jock.” I don’t know; I was young and fearless.

PMA:  Do you or did you ever feel bad about the way his relationship ended with the main girlfriend?

BJ: Yes! I felt awful once their relationship ended. At first it was fun knowing we’ve gotten away with something that no one knew. Secret names in each other’s phone, acting like we barely knew each other around friends, and meeting up for dates in exclusive locations—that was all fun. I didn’t feel bad much about ending my relationship but I didn’t want to be the girl to break up someone else’s relationship. Versance let me know time and time again that I wasn’t the reason for the break up and that it was bound to happen. I felt horrible and for the first year of our relationship, I tried hard for them to be friends.

PMA: Would you do it all again? With all the risks and dangers that could’ve happened?

BJ: No, I would never do that again. I believe in karma and waiting for karma to strike is no fun. Sometimes I try to psych myself out and say that us getting together was our partners’ karma for screwing us over but I know I have to pay for what I’ve done and I don’t know if I have already. I would hate to lose him the same way I got him. And not to mention, people are crazy and will kill over their significant others these days, hell no, I wouldn’t do it again.

PMA:  What made you stand out in the relationship between you and your guy?

BJ: I stood out because I was advanced—I was young but I was Olivia Pope at eighteen. (Laughs) But for real, I stood out because I was one of the few who believed in 100% honesty. Okay you have a girlfriend, I know. You pursued me, now what? I believe in friendship—lets be friends, let me get to know you and what you like. Let me surprise you with some of your favorites—I listened and delivered where most ladies would have just listened. I exposed him to different things within that one year of being a side chick…socially and physically. I didn’t care about the “jock” he was in school, I cared about knowing him for him. We created different lives when we were with each other…being who we really wanted to be.

PMA: I say that main chicks need to get on a side chick hustle. Meaning side chicks often tend to a main chicks man as if he was her main man and the main chicks start getting comfortable. The side chick takes advantage always showing up and being everything the main chick ain’t… What was your side chick hustle? What would you tell to the main chicks falling off?

BJ: Like I mentioned before, I was his friend and secret lover. I kissed and didn’t tell even when confronted on numerous occasions. I made my role clear and I played it well. We had an understanding what we were there for and we both delivered on that until feelings got involved. I made him feel like he was the only guy in the world when he was around me. I cooked, I pampered him after long days of practice, I listened to him, I looked good for me and he reaped the benefits (chuckles).  I freaked him like my life depended on it—I did all of this while being quiet and loyal. I helped him discover what he wanted to do in life and I helped him achieve his goals; I was and have remained his biggest cheerleader.

PMA: What would you tell the main chicks to help them step up their hustle?

BJ: Main chicks have to remember to stay in “date-mode.” And this is something that I have to remind myself. When you’re dating, you don’t take things too seriously, and you don’t expect anything, everything given is a surprise and is appreciated. You won’t grow tired and feel like things are routine because you will continuously switch things up in the process of learning each other. As a main chick, it’s also important not to get too comfortable with whom you “think” your partner is because that too can change. Never stop exploring who you are—change your hair, change your scent, change your nail polish, change your usual dating spot, change your choice in clothing, change your gift options. It’s important to change from time to time so you won’t become routine and so your partner can change as a result of keeping up with you. You wouldn’t want to eat chicken flavored ramen noodles every day, right? SAME THING.

It may not sound the best to you, but at least her story was told. You have comments about this? Let us know! We want to hear from anyone that has a voice. Stevie J left MiMi for Joseline and doesn’t Fitz want Olivia Pope and Not Mellie? Side chicks are starting to get wifed regardless how they have fallen into the situation. It’s fine to say sometimes side chicks find out they didn’t want the trouble the man had to bring, but we can’t knock these “dirty” side chicks for winning what we couldn’t keep up with. It’s main be their loss and our gain, but at least we got to hear one’s mindset.

It’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!

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13 thoughts on “Side Chick to Main Chick: An exclusive interview with Briana Johnson

  1. I love it it’s absolutely true ! When you are getting equal or more time you are not the side chick yes it might be triflin but I’m a firm believer if everyone make and female played their part and never get comfortable there would be no room for anyone else !

  2. This made me view side chicks totally different. I too never took fondly to side chicks & the negative connotation that comes with it. But I must say that I have respect for ms BJ after reading this article. She respected the situation that V was in, never getting out of her position to try to “prove” anything nor was she trying to make Gf’s life hell. All she was doing was playing her part. I must say she played it well. But ladies this is not to say that being a side chick is any better than being the main girl. Or that you will have much more success as a side chick. Truly results will vary with this type of situation. But awesome article girly!!

  3. In my opinion BJ put in way too much work to make someone else happy. She did a lot to fulfill his needs but I heard no talk of what she did to make herself happy. Or better yet what he did in return for all her love and dedication. I think if she put that much energy into herself she could have still achieved happiness and it would not be based on him sticking around validating her or her being fearful and waiting for “karma” to bite her on the ass. Some women need to get a life. That means get a career, interests and hobbies of your own, putting energy into your own self improvement and staying on top of your game for yourself, not for some selfish short-sighted man who is only with you because you fit into his game plan. I suspect the minute she stops living ” in date mode” he will be off looking to replace her just as she fears and because her main focus was pleasing him, she will be left feeling completely empty and lost. Definitely not a healthy situation.

    • Thanks for the feedback. It’s a tad one sided as she’s an upcoming fashion designer and I’ve never met BJs man but she’s a well rounded woman. This must not paint the best picture in your opinion. Great conflict for the article

    • Toni, I think people like yourself fail to realize that some people actually get pleasure from pleasing their partners. I’m sure he was giving her something that made her want him too but don’t discredit the fact that she just may be the type of woman who is happy when she is making someone else happy. I know that I am that type of person. I get a lot of joy from pleasing and nurturing someone. Also, the main point is that you never turn off “date mode”. My aunt and uncle have been married for 30 years and they still act like they just met. People like you think only in black and white. You assume that a woman who caters to her man’s every need doesn’t have a life. Well let me tell you, I have a very successful career as the Assistant Vice President at an very busy and large accounting firm, I have two degrees, I belong to a running/exercise group, I volunteer, I read a few books a year and I travel with friends a few times a year. But guess what?? I still give him tons of affection, attention, and energy and after 10 hours of work, I still don’t feel too tired to cook and take care of him. And yes, he notices and he does things for me in return but I honestly don’t mind doing it because it’s just what I like to do…It’s all a choice Toni, some women are just better at it then others.

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  5. Januaryjones I believe Toni is trying to figure out why this woman was breaking her back for a man that wasn’t hers at the moment?!?! I believe you should cater to a man that’s your man not someone else’s man.

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