Who are better cheaters? Men or women?

Who are better cheaters? Men or Women?
Cheater cheater pumpkin eater had a wife, but couldn’t keep her!

Ever shared a moment with a person you digging and talking leads to texting and hanging and before you know something has started up? One person out of the group will start to feel entitled and then it hits you gosh darn it, I’m in a freaking relationship. Yeah, sex or no sex, you just kind of cheated. But we aren’t here to judge cheating we just want to know… Who are the best cheaters?

Men are infamously known as dogs and/or cheaters. We have seen or heard the same scene–man gets caught having sex with the maid, neighbor, or with an ex. The girlfriend or wife claims to have women’s intuition about it because things “appeared” off, he suddenly became over protective of his phone and started walking out of the room when it would ring. Other signs are late nights, slowed or distant conversation, quick sex or no sex, and plain leaving dumb ass clues around.

Women, on the other hand, are conniving sneaky predators. Women will not make it easy to line up clues to be caught. There are two types of female cheaters: emotional or physical.

The emotional cheaters are worst than physical cheaters; this woman has opened her eyes, heart,& body to another man showing her better even if it’s temporary emotions. She eventually loses interests in anything boyfriend related & is in a constant debate on whether to stay or leave. These women are so fed up with their men that they’ve replaced their man for another.

Physical female cheaters are living on the notion of they can and will sleep with whomever they want when they want. They aren’t ashamed of their sexuality and in turn they are able to play the role as side chick or woman to another man without guilt. Women will cover their trail any way they can if it risk exposure or getting caught. Women are masterminds of schemes and will use it but what do you think?

Taking a poll, most reveal that women are better. Women are sneaky and quick liars. Men weren’t supported as better cheaters simply for all the reasons women were called better.

One young man had this to say though: “We (men) can do it with no emotions. If we don’t want you to know, you won’t. If you find out you still gone be here…” Ladies, what do you think? We want to hear your responses!


6 thoughts on “Who are better cheaters? Men or women?

  1. I mean come on ladies and gents, we’re definitely better at keeping it under wraps, that’s for sure. I loved the way you pinpointed the types of cheaters. It made me wonder though, the physical cheater can turn into the emotional cheater (even if its short term). But what in the world does he mean by “we will still be here” ?

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