Resounding Heart and Silent Mind


What you think? It is an important thing to be true to your heart with your mind guiding it. I would think. It seems the heart has the purest intentions but the mind has the logic to figure out the complications of it all… 

Sometimes we follow our hearts and forget our heads and we end up in a state of constant stupidity and chances we hope not to give. But our hearts resound loudly and our heads are tuned out. We must grasps a common ground where our hearts and minds communicate on a level where we can attempt to eliminate the unnecessary confusion and just love.

It must be a difficult feat for two strong willed hearts to collide with two silent minds watching from afar. It must be a daunting tasks to engage in real life conversations, relations, and situations with two love sick individuals yet it happens to the best of us… 

We are conquered by the taste of flesh and the climaxes of life. We may sometimes set our hearts and minds on mute and allow our bodies to entertain the bond. We become savages of sheets and slayers of Pandora’s box and Mandingos too. We straddle our lovers, turn them into puddles and we then disperse from any further psychological bond. 

But sometimes we just love. We love one time so strong that the thought of separation drives us to tears and then we … fight. Trying to reconnect our mind and hearts for a sensible love. But the truth is… Sensible love isn’t always a lasting love… So it’s all in how you experience your process… 

Written by: Jasmine Jackson


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