Friends don’t get friends caught up with drama!

imageThese days everyone has their side piece and live a secret life where every path has to be covered in order to remain the “innocent” party. Covering tracks while living this secret life means doing whatever it takes not to be caught. Getting caught will potentially ruin any chance for a future with the person that he/she really loves and no one wants to risk losing their true love.

Men and women acknowledge the fact that covering their tracks may mean lying and scheming just to get to the safe zone. Lying then develops into convincing the lover that nothing is happening. Women, however, tend to include their friends into their alibis. This article is to directly tell you messy people something– We don’t want to be in your drama! Stop giving your men our phone numbers and social media contact. Friends want no parts of the overnight sneaking around or lies that are told.

Often times friends may not have an issue with the affair that’s being carried on but they don’t want to be dragged into an argument, yelling fest, or any issues not their own. Be sure that if the friend has to be the wing man that all information is passed to the friend yet be cautious to cover the tracks with the friend completely NOT involved.

Cheating is not cute by the way. It’s a breach of trust and communication, but hell judging everyone else’s mistakes are not my forte. Be wise with the decisions you make because one day you will have a half decent man and the next you have an overly obsessed control freak for a mate. If you must have your cake and eat it too, I suggest that you keep your friends out of it and make sure to have your partner in check about contacting friends to check your whereabouts. Be considerate of attitudes as well because if someone calls me…they’ll be really upset about my honest response. Until next time, stop cheating and fix your own relationship!


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