O’The Writer’s: Ultimatum

pma O’ The Writer presents The Ultimatum

Although Raven had a bustling day at work, she scurried to straighten up her one bedroom apartment. Two hours later, she was through with it all. The mood of her apartment was set to her liking. Her place was now dimly lit and had the aroma of a warm spring day in the country. She was freshly showered and had put on her favorite pair of lounging jeans’ and a tank-top. Her TV was set to her favorite network show at the time.

Sitting in the living area, she sipped on a glass of white wine, while watching television. Without warning, the sound of her doorbell filled the room. Before she could reach the door, it had rung two more times. Opening it, Raven stood there gazing at a man standing at about six-two. He had a caramel complexion, cropped haircut, lean build, and a Texas Hold ‘em type stare. He was dressed in faded blue jeans, a grey hoodie with a black leather jacket over it, and a pair of tan construction boots.

He gave Raven a peck on the lips before welcoming himself in. He took his boots off at the door, entered further into the apartment, and took off his jacket and sweater.

“Would you like something to drink” Raven asked, opening the refrigerator and pouring herself another glass of wine.

“Do you have any juice?”



“Yeah, juice. I have to go back out and make another run. I have to be clear headed, can’t afford to make any mistakes ma, you know how it is.”

Raven poured some fruit juice into a glass and handed it over. She stared intently. “Shaheed, have you made up your mind as to what we talked about when you were last here?”

Shaheed looked at Raven. “C’mon Rave, don’t start that now ma. I got a lot going on and don’t have time to deal with the extra.”

“The extra, Shaheed? I told you the consequences, and I meant every word of it.”

Shaheed stood motionless as he tried to read Raven’s facial expression. His thoughts went back to when he first met her two years ago. He and she had been an item until she found out that he had a baby mama whom he was still in a relationship with. Since then, he had patched things up with Raven. He was no longer with his baby mama, but he wasn’t with Raven neither.

Raven knew that Shaheed was messing around with other females. She knew that he refused to commit to her, but, as he put it, he didn’t want to put her through the unnecessary. The last time that Shaheed visited her, Raven explained to him that she wanted more from and for him. Shaheed dealt with the streets to a level where he was pretty successful, but Raven wanted him out. She also wanted a commitment from him on a personal level. She told him that if he couldn’t adhere to these two requests by the time that he came to see her again, that it would be their last time together.

The pressure was on. Shaheed did give thought to Raven’s requests. Deep within him, he really loved her. To him, she was different from other females that he crossed paths with. Raven was goal oriented. She was mature in every sense of the word. Shaheed saw these things in her. He saw many things in her, and knew that when things get right, according to him, that it will be Raven whom he will want to be with.

Shaheed placed the glass on a nearby counter after consuming some of its content. He walked closer to Raven, stopping when his body was slightly touching hers. The stare that they gave one another was of one that needed no words; a continuous stare of two people with an underlying love for one another; a stare that would lead to bodies being embraced, lips meeting, and hearts mollifying.

“Shaheed, I don’t want to be alone tonight, or any other night. Don’t go back out”, Raven exclaimed. Stay with me and let’s have a future together. You can do other things; legal things. Let me awaken in the morning, to you holding me.”

The load of Raven’s words bore heavily on Shaheed’s shoulders. On one side, the woman he loved beckoning him for what he could see as a well flourished life, and on the other, the pavements that he’s spent years etching his name into. He stood motionless, with his face perplexedly aging before Raven’s eyes.

She felt for him. She knew what she was asking of him seemed simple to her, but to him, it was quite perplexed. None the less, this was what she needed. Now was not the time for her heart to stifle. She had to be strong willed and stand by her words.

Raven kissed Shaheed, easing his face of the tension that plagued it. She sucked on his tongue in the same manner that she sucked on his manhood many times before. During the process of kissing, he removed the t-shirt that clung to her body, and loosened her brassiere strap, allowing her bra to find its way next to their feet, which in turn, revealed her flesh to the warm atmosphere of the heated apartment. She lifted his shirt over his head, and let it fall to the floor, then rubbed her hand across his chest.

“Don’t you want this forever, Shaheed?” she asked between breaths of air.

Shaheed reciprocated by pushing Raven against a nearby wall. She pushed back until his back landed against the opposing wall, in which she removed his pants exposing his black boxer-briefs. The two kissed vigorously with Raven leading Shaheed towards the bedroom.

Entering the bedroom and still locking lips with the tall handsome man, Raven made a slight turn into the bathroom. Shaheed undid her button and zipper as Raven positioned herself onto the bathroom sink. His hand coasted across her body, easily finding the spots that made her tingle. He knew her body well, and prided himself on that. Inch by inch, he began lowering the jeans that hugged Raven’s curves. She had on her favorite thong. Shaheed finally removed it all from her body and dropped his briefs.

Raven’s eyes clung to the mammoth erection that was probing at her. She reached for it, sliding the head up and down on her slit. Shaheed continued rubbing her body. The hot wetness that seeped onto his tip had him anxiously waiting for the moment of penetration. He wanted her….. he wanted this.

Shaheed lifted Raven up off of the sink and took her into the bedroom, resting her back against yet another wall. With her legs wrapped around his waist, he guided himself inside of her. Raven let out a gasp.

“It seems like you get bigger every time you enter me.”


Shaheed smiled and pumped in and out of Raven’s inner core. His pace was very rhythmically, with each thrust building upon the previous. Raven closed her eyes and held on. Feelings of undeniable felicity seared through her body. She whined her waistline like that of a Dancehall Queen. Her juices flowed from within and onto the object of pleasure that was rattling her insides.

Shaheed grew weary and headed for the bed with Raven in tow. Without missing a beat, he laid her down gently with his erection still in her. Knowing what she liked, he worked her slowly, his hands expeditiously roaming her body. Raven let out melodic moans as she grasped Shaheed’s backside pulling him harder and deeper into her, synchronizing herself to his strokes. The way that he danced inside of her, had her adrift among the clouds. She opened her eyes, looked up at him, and smiled. The curves of her smile entranced him as he leaned in towards her and sucked her bottom lip.

“Stay with me Shaheed. Don’t go anywhere”

Shaheed continued his motion, now with more intensity. This was home. His cock fully extended and rock hard inside of its heated safe haven which happened to be Raven’s vagina. His facial expression was stern with deep concentration. Raven pulled his upper torso down onto her. With her legs spread eagle, Shaheed reached beneath her, lifting her ass into the air. He plummeted inside her well lubricated love box, his penis expanding her walls to accommodate its thickness. Raven closed her eyes, turned her head to the side, moaned, and dug into Shaheed’s back.

Shaheed panted as he neared his climax. Before he could get to the finish line, Raven turned him onto his back and ascended onto him. She positioned his shaft to the exact coordinates of her opening and eased down on it. She was now the dominant. Bracing herself, she rose and fell on him like the most anticipated ride at Great Adventures. She leaned inward, straightened her back, and let her waist and ass do all the work, while occasionally looking back at her own derriere.

With Shaheed’s hand gripping her back side and the other pinching and pulling at her nipple, Raven yelled out, “Oh God, God, God…… I’m cummin!”

She placed her hands around Shaheed’s neck and rode harder, faster, and more redundant. She tensed up, tightening her vaginal muscles around Shaheed’s erection, and sexed him in a way that she had never done before. To her, she was riding the streets out of him. If they were going to have a future together, this was her last chance of attaining that goal. She pushed on, riding harder and reaching back to massage his now oversized scrotum. Sweat dripped from her body. Her mouth was wide open as she panted heavily. She felt her build up swarming to her midsection in search of an exit. At the same time of her release, Shaheed let out an earth-shaking roar as he depleted his massive load inside her.

Fatigued, Raven collapsed onto Shaheed, concealing the lone tear that escaped her eye. Shaheed held on to her, embracing her warm naked body into his strong but loving grasp.

It was late. Smiling as she rested in the arms of an exhausted Shaheed, Raven slowly drifted to sleep with thoughts of a secure future with the man she loved. Moments later, she was awakened by a strange feeling. Turning over, she strained her eyes to focus, and noticed Shaheed getting dressed. No words were spoken between them. Raven moved slowly to get up. She put on her robe, and walked Shaheed to the door. The two kissed before Shaheed exited into the night. Saddened, Raven shut and locked the door, knowing that not only did Shaheed exit her apartment, but her life as well.

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