How to lose a good “friend”

friendsOf course, this is a smart ass article; however, it’s an accurate account of friendships between people who allow their friendship to end.

It is not easy being a friend when everything that happens has to revolve around one person. It’s give and take in a friendship like any relationship. Both persons must have a level of respect and trust for each other or else it will not work out.

There’s no easy way to say this but the world doesn’t revolve around you! Never has never freaking will. Here are some tips on how to LOSE your best friend:

1. Allow your significant other to disrespect your best friend in any way without properly checking them. It happens and if it does there must be a line drawn.
2. Any wreck less behavior while in a serious event, place, or setting. Be supportive if you must come because that’s what a good friend should do.
3. Sleep or sneak around with your friends significant other. NEVER  sleep around with a current lover.
4. Lie or manipulate the friend. Do not manipulate a friend because ultimately that would mean you weren’t a friend.
5. Play the victim for most of the relationship. You cannot always be a  victim; sometimes your friend will need you.
6. Engage in self-pity during a big moment in the friends’ life. Again, support is key here.
7. Completely ignore what the friend says and play the victim for as long a they allow it. This sounds like point 5 and it is so don’t play victim.

These things will surely get you cut off and fast. Treat your friends the way you want to be treated with your trifling selves! People are placed in your life for a reason so attempt to do right by them or “Get on before you get SPIT on!”


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