New Age with a Twist of Old fashion dating

Picture Credit: We do not own picture.

Picture Credit: We do not own picture.

New Age with a Twist of Old fashion dating

I am a woman that believes in being strong but being smart. I have an understanding of what I want from my significant other. I’m a believer in old fashion love affairs. It can happen when the right person walks into your life.

Dating should be purposeful; it should result in one day marriage in my opinion. This isn’t too say that you have to rush and get engaged or that you favor marriage at all but it means have standards and morals about yourself.

Old fashion relationships were so much stronger. The men opened doors, held down the respective responsibilities, and supplied love to the entire family. Women cooked, cleaned, handled whatever else her husband didn’t handle, and the family was complete. Nowadays, we barely see complete families and see examples to what it’s supposed to look like.

Treat your significant other well; start living up to what you want in your future. A lot of people say don’t treat your mate like your husband or wife, but how else will you show and prove? Personally, I’m not saying live together before marriage, not saying cook every evening, and I’m not saying join incomes prematurely. I am saying, however, don’t overlook the beauty of allowing your love to know what a prize they may receive by tying the knot.

Keep in mind that a good meal is a great start, delivering flowers to a job, and absence makes two hearts grow together. Pray on it and be wise in your decisions because dammit dating isn’t easy. It’s a constant job in which two people really must work for

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