PMA Cold Facts


PMA Cold Facts

It is quite apparent that sometimes people need cold blatant facts about life. We want all of you to stop the madness… So here it goes:

It’s never OK to settle with being ignorant on any subject. It is better to at least try and make a difference in your environment by reading on the subject and comprehending it. I see it every day; people are content with being the dumb ass of the group and that’s never an acceptable thing. People are looking at you and shaking their heads at the utter ridiculousness that comes from your mouth. No offense, but if you have nothing to contribute then… just listen and absorb.


It is not okay to let your ASS cheeks hang out the bottom of those small ass shorts everyone is pulling out for the summer. Being beautiful shouldn’t be determined by how much skin you decide to show on an everyday basis. The world of magazines and film persuade us to dive into a new culture where it’s perfectly fine to just parade around cake faced and assed out—literally. It’s not okay.

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Stop drawing on those awful eyebrows. There are some who look amazing and then there are clowns. Please do not make me laugh at you. It’s an awful phase.

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