Sugar Baby: Reality Sets In


Sugar Baby” is a short story written by Jasmine Jackson. It is relaunching the short story circuit via the blog “Pardon MY Audacity!” This story will have explicit content as the story develops; however, there will also be a valuable lesson presented for all of the readers. Of course, this is how it works you BUMP IT or DUMP IT! If you BUMP it then another section of the story will be presented, if you DUMP it the story will cease! Are you ready for some DRAMA???? Hello, we are! (Hair flip and a snap) We hope you enjoy.

Sugar Baby: III. Reality Sets In

I deposited the money into my bank account absolutely stunned that there was even that much money in my account without it being a refund from my school. My mother would be contacting me surely as I deposited three hundred of those dollars into her account. I was always taught to honor thy mother and my mother had been good for me. I vowed that every scent I received from James, she would receive a percentage. I walked through Georgia State University courtyard passing the large glass door entrance of the library and sat along the side on the cement seats with my best friend Marie. It was a Tuesday at lunch and it was what we all called “Club College” and Georgia State. Marie was a State student; I visited her most Tuesdays after my morning classes and literally enjoyed the local radio station dj’s coming out, the Greek life, and our other friends from high school. We usually sat around eating lunch in the student center, gossiping about life, and simply talking life plans together. Don’t get me wrong, I was a normal college student who let my girls know that I thought someone was sexy, had potential, and you are absolutely right there was someone rocking this boat. I do mean rocking it, but on the inside of my heart where very few people were allowed to go, I wanted success more than adolescent love.

“I heard that your ass was “assisted” out of a Lexus a night ago.” Marie smiled at me. She wore her hair in long flowing black braids, her face was chubby and clear from acne. Her eyes were large and doe-like with long eyelashes. She was tall, voluptuous hips, thighs, and she had a “fatty” in the rear. Her skin complexion was chocolate and flawless; I adored my best friend. I adored her, but I didn’t want to tell her that I stooped so low as to maybe accept an offer to be someone’s “sugar baby” as I read on the internet. I mean this man wasn’t what one would think of as a sugar daddy; he was a tall glass of wonderful, handsome, secure, and married water. We have squealed on the mockery made of women by allowing a man to rule over them with finances and here I was being a hypocrite.

“Who told you that?” I avoided eye contact.

“Does it matter? It must be true because you’re little white girl cheeks are bright red. What secret life are you living?” She nudged me to get me to spill my guts.

“Girl, you’re sources are wrong.” I lied.

“So you didn’t have on a black dress with curls?”

“Wrong girl.”

“I can’t believe you are telling me a damn lie.”

“Why do you think I’m lying?”

“I know you.” Before I could say anything we changed the topic as other friends came to surround us. I sat listening, laughing, and thinking about my life. As I was thinking, I started to change my process of thinking. No one was trying to help pay the bills I accumulated trying to get an out and at that moment I chose to dive straight in but block any extra approaches.


I have a room for us tonight at the W. Do you have class on Saturday mornings? I read the text message from James and smiled.

No class. What do I owe this room too? I responded to the message.

Relaxation on the weekend.

When are you coming for me?

8. Until then.

Until then. I loved how smooth he was and as I finished reading my Zane novel I decided to pack my bag. James wasn’t my man but he sure gave the ideal situation to a girl who didn’t want much commitment in her life at the moment. The week had been filled with text messages filled with information given on parties, flirting, and constant communication. I started to feel as if we were friends and the pressure to keep reinforcing business began to subside. I pulled my two large Victoria Secret Pink bags out and started to pick and choose what would be appropriate for the weekend. I knew that I had to keep him interested and I wasn’t ready to just lose everything about myself including my coochie. I wanted to be the gift at the end of the day even though I wasn’t truly one to get. I finally had a chance to dig into my sexy drawer. I pulled the drawers open slowly resting on my knees; I chose the red lace halter baby doll lingerie to sleep on the first night and the matching black one for the next. What the hell Tia? What thee hell are you thinking of right now? ran through my mind without stopping. No man would be satisfied with being teased, but I had to try and keep him interested as much as I could. I packed a multicolored maxi dress, a short navy blue plunging V-neck dress and open back for dinner, and a pair of my cutest jeans and red and black Falcons shirt with the matching A hat. After the essentials, my lotions, body washes, jewelry, and small makeup bag finished off my packing for the weekend.

I needed an ally throughout this thing; someone who would talk sense into me when I started losing focus on the goal of money. I paced back and forth speaking out loud to get myself together. I paced to allow myself some time to get the plan together on how I would respectively remain LaTia, the psych major and not Tia, the mistress, housewife, sugar baby love sick girl. I pressed the green phone signaling a calling to Marie and then hung up fast.

“Did you just call and hang up ho?” She joked through the phone.

“Are you busy?” I asked.

“No, why? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just need to talk to you.”

“I’ll be on my way in fifteen minutes. Let me get away from Drew ass and I’ll be on my way.” We both said our goodbyes and then I sat on my living room floor Indian style for my best friend to get to my house. The knock on the door snapped me back to reality. I walked over to the door and answered it.

“What secret are you holding?” Marie asked upon looking me in my face.

“I kind of have a sugar daddy.” I said closing the door behind her.

“Is that Mr. Lexus guy?”

“Yep, but right now I need you to keep me on business and no pleasure.”

“I mean he’s an old man right? Shouldn’t be too hard.” I knew she’d assume that so I pulled a picture I took of James at dinner and showed her.

“Well, Goddamn.” We both started laughing at her reaction. I filled her in on any and everything I felt she needed to know and we sat down brainstorming. We came up with a solution that sex would be the absolute last thing I’d give up beside my dignity and pride for being a sugar baby in the first place. She knew how hard I had worked to get where I was and understood that James was an asset. We agreed that all we both needed to keep in touch, keep business business, and to keep the money on the mind.


James placed his arms around my waist and inhaled my scent. Robotically, I placed my arms around his neck and we embraced. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the man that enjoyed me. He purchased a suite for our weekend in the W hotel; I was consumed in elegance and I confessed I was impressed with James. The suite was lush and seductive; the color scheme was shades of teal and charcoal with wood and glossy lacquer accessories. The bed looked like it was from an Ikea advertisement with the decorative pillows and comforter. The headboard alone made me want to skip the dramatics of a reunion to hightail it to the bed and lie as a queen in her sleeping quarters. We toured the suite and the sitting area was complete with a sectional sofa and an LCD TV. I stood at the window staring Atlanta’s skyline taking in a break like a fresh air from the hectic work and school week. James stood beside me initially quiet.

“Anytime you want this just let me know.” He said to me above a whisper.

“Anytime?” I smiled.

“That’s what I said.” He chuckled.

“Will you be staying the entire weekend with me?”

“I will allow you rest tonight and Saturday you will be all mine.” I breathed easier knowing I’d have time to relax alone before the temptation to ride James’s fine face. Though I knew I needed to apply all our situations to business, I couldn’t lie and say that my punani didn’t ache to try the delicate motions of who James was in between the sheets. I had wanted to completely obliterate his dick from the moment we met, we touched, and even after I found he was married. Yes, I admit that I wanted to respect his marriage, but I in fact still had fantasies of enjoying his tongue in places I hadn’t cum from in months. That was the hard part, trying to be focused, head strong, mind strong, school strong, and dammit I was horny! This man was bad news on so many different levels and who the hell knew if his wife was really cheating or not. He still wasn’t mine to frolic around and fuck without any bad blood in the universe. I once said that people were knocking folks over the head for dough and here I was, panties completely soaking wet from just having James whispering in my ear.

James walked away as I allowed him to fuck me in my mind. He entered the bathroom and started running a bath. I followed behind him and examined his ways. He licked his lips many times like LL Cool J himself. He pulled on the hairs on his beard twisting them periodically. He smiled so brightly, checked his phone every fifteen minutes before closing the screen and placing it back in his back pocket. James added the hotels complimentary bubble bath and looked over at me before unbuttoning his purple work shirt. I bit down on my bottom lip taking in James. I pulled my black tank top over my head exposing my c-cup breast and chocolate drop nipples. He licked his lips. We didn’t speak we both undressed and sat in the spa-like bath tub. Once I got over the initial shock of being butt booty naked with James, he signaled me closer. His tongue outlined my lips slowly and then dipped into my mouth; our tongues danced together and his hands removed my hair from its ponytail. My hair fell onto my back, his wet fingers played in my hair. What started as a night of relaxation and I retaining the upper hand in the situation was turning into hot steamy passion and I wasn’t going to win this way. I subtly pulled away; we washed each other’s body slowly wanting it to be more. He massaged my feet, I massaged his shoulders.

“Let’s talk about an allowance.”

“I’m not your daughter. You know that right?” I stated.

“Stop with the smart comments Tee and let’s talk business.”

“What do you want to give?”

“I say we start with something that will not spoil you so fast. Do you get paid weekly or bi-weekly?” He questioned.


“How much do you make in a week?”

“330.” I replied. As a college student working didn’t allow for much financial stability. I had to bust my ass for little to nothing but it helped as much as it could.

“I will double what you make weekly to start you off. That should be about $1320 every two weeks. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes, that’s cool with me.” It was much but it would help me without a doubt. His phone began to vibrate and we both somehow knew who it was. He pulled me into his arms after pulling his phone from his pants pocket. The name read Niecy and he greeted his wife with a hello beautiful. I tried to move out of his grasp, but his fingers began massaging my thighs then my clit and I was paralyzed…James…I want you.


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8 thoughts on “Sugar Baby: Reality Sets In

  1. I’m thoroughly impressed and am not ashamed to say that I am hooked like a fan of RHOA. This is taboo. Knowing he’s married and doesn’t seem to be in any rush to change that… but she’s down for that. For how long?

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