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marsha-friends-and-lovers Friends & Lovers

The very talented Marsha “Songstress” Ambrosius stated that there are “Millions of people who have never heard of her ever,” While that may be true, if you haven’t heard of her you either don’t like good music or live in a third world country. Ambrosius burst onto the music scene in 2002 with “Floetic” a dynamic album done with Natalie “Floasist” Stewart that yielded hits such as: “Floetic,” “Say Yes,” and my personal favorite “Getting Late.” That year, they were literally everywhere. They had a unique style of neo-soul and seemed like an overnight success. Soon followed “Floacism” (which was Floectic performed live and 3 previously unreleased tracks) and lastly “Flo’Ology”. After capturing lightening a bottle, Ambrosius broke our hearts and left Floetry in 2007. There has been many speculations made about the split and countless rumors as to why the group broke up. Seven years have passed and she still performs songs she did while she was still with Floetry. I asked the Songstress if there was a chance that she and Stewart would ever work together again, to that she simply stated, “No, chance. I leave things in God’s hands always.” As for performing the old hits, “I perform the songs that I wrote and will continue to do so.” I wouldn’t hold my breath or begin praying for a reunion. To put it bluntly, Ambrosius does not need Stewart. From 2007 when she left Floetry, and 2011 when she released “Late Nights and Early Mornings,” Marsha was NEVER out of the music scene; from doing guest spots with the likes of Solange, NAS, Queen Latifah, and Kanye West, and even writing for Alicia Keys, as well as Jazmine Sullivan.

August 2010 she released “I Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player)” Not just a soulful ballad but an honest assessment from a woman scorned. What followed was “Far Away,” which reached #3 on the US R&B charts.  Ambrosius points out that she writes her own material ALWAYS. She has a small co-writing staff if you will, that consists of her brother Marvin Ambrosius, Sterling Sims and Stacy Barthe, and it’s the same group of talented people that worked on the highly anticipated sophomore solo release “Friends And Lovers.” Ambrosius describes them as, “Phenomenal people to work with that can match the speed and sincerity of my pen.” A pen that has earned her BMI Songwriter Of The Year in the past. I’m sure you remember the beautiful smash “Butterflies” made famous by Michael Jackson, we have Marsha’s pen to thank for that.  (Floetic contains a demo version of Butterflies and I’ve always said she shamed Micheal with her vocals on that one.) Now she is back to tell her story yet again.

Marsha LNEM

Ambrosius envisions “Friends And Lovers,” as a “sequel to all the late nights and early mornings I had resulting in encounters with Friends and Lovers.” An Ambrosius album is like a story. Every song fitting together to draw you in and see the bigger picture. When asked how she felt that she had grown since her first studio album she was quick with this response, “The difference is the experience. I’ve lived more; loved more. Of course that answer prompted the question of if there was a special man in her life. To which the ultra private songbird replied coyly, “There are special friend(s) LOL.”

Making a living where there are leeches, scam artists and right out thieves is not easy. We’ve seen stars like TLC and Toni Braxton, respectively, go broke. Our Marsha isn’t just a singer with a pretty face, beautiful voice, and a talent for writing songs. She has a background in business and finance as well. I asked if that background helped her avoid the pitfalls that have plagued other artists. “My education definitely helped,” she said. “It doesn’t prepare you for the ones who only know shady business. They don’t teach you that part but it’s made me a tougher business woman.”
In a world that is so much about right now, instant gratification, and what is being coined “no chill” I asked if Marsha had given any thought to were she saw her career in five years. If you follow her on Twitter and/ or Instagram, you’d see that she keeps a dizzying ridiculously busy schedule, and appears to rarely rest. To that she stated, “I’ll continue to work hard. Five years from now, I’ll be working hard at something. I get enough rest to make time for everything I need to do before it becomes my job. I love what I do so the travel, the early mornings, the late nights… If that’s the job then I love it!”


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My final question was about when she felt that she had arrived and how she remained humble although she is a world wide star. Marsha laughingly replied, “I have too much living to do to feel as though I’ve arrived. There are millions of people who have never heard of me ever!!! (I’m) Working on that.” Again, proving that she stays true to herself, her music and remains grounded, while those who are less successful claim to be on top.
Last night (June 21,2014) Marsha Ambrosius informed her rabid fan base,  “the Marshans” via social media, that she had kept her promise and that “Friends And Lovers” would be released July 17, 2014 and it would be available for pre-order today (June 22, 2014) on iTunes and Amazon. I gleaned from her Instagram post that this album is more personal, as she herself said the album was autobiographical. In that announcement she said, “Seeing all the titles together, in order, knowing what I did and DID NOT DO to get them there!!! These songs are autobiographical LOL I am a SONGWRITER, PRODUCER, AND ARTIST. My name in those credits MATTERS!!! Sounding like a woman who has immense pride of her creation; like a mother would marvel at her child. She’s a seasoned veteran and still attacks this as if she were a start up trying to finally get a break. That passion comes through in her music.
She told yours truly that “Friends And Lovers” containing two bonus tracks will be exclusively sold at Target. You might think that I would be a little bummed out as I have already pre-ordered my copy through iTunes, but I’m not. I’ll get the album that contains the bonus track too. After all, this Marshan bought Floetic 8 times. Why 8 times? Well believe it or not there was a time when you actually still had to buy a CD. I had a copy for my desk at work, my vehicle, my living room, and my bedroom. The other 4 were to replace the ones that had been pilfered from me. Yes, it was and remains that deep.

Marsha Ambrosius was born in Liverpool, England she currently “lives and plays,” her words, in Los Angeles, California.


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  2. Great article showing insight and welcome TK Hodges to the page he has a great insight into the music world . A point of view that is his alone . And sometimes can be blunt but never damaging he is a many trick pony .

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