Is Love Enough?

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 Is Love Enough?

Are people living their life with the expectation to find a soul mate? Are people living their life to find the center of their joy? Are people barely living buried under responsibilities and missing out on their true potential? These are the first questions I think of when reflecting on the day. Once people grow pass the college days and they venture into the world of bills and real life the expectation of life completely change. People tend to realize that the world isn’t just shits and giggles anymore; life is bills, responsibilities, and debts. But the question lies when will people decide that these responsibilities can be challenged with a different attitude toward what people truly desire out of life? The next big thing that happens after the bills and responsibilities is people find a person they truly enjoy spending their free time with. People discover how to love someone other than themselves and focus their time on another person’s wants and needs. What then? These people discover love.

Is love enough? In the beginning of a relationship, people deliver their representative and show the person they hope to be with whom they could possibly end up with. But as life continues, people start to lose their way in their own life. Love is a beautiful when it is nurtured correctly; love isn’t just a one-road street where there is one person pleasing the other. It isn’t one person implementing rules and regulations on what is acceptable and unacceptable between the unions. Love isn’t just spending time, money, and having sex because two people are exclusive. Is love enough to conquer all of the things that life is throwing your way? Hell no, that is why everyone throws shade at young people in love. People have a preconceived notion that once you find a person that you care for that, it will be roses and sunsets forever. It’s not dammit.

It takes two strong-minded individuals to know when to compromise, when to communicate, and when to shut the hell up and allow the other person to lead. Love isn’t enough; fight is. It’s not about how well you love someone if you don’t know how to properly fight through the issues that will come. It’s like anything in life, when everything is rosy and gorgeous something will arise to try and break up the union built. When that happens you have to fight; some of these young people allow cancer to infect their relationship and because the foundation of the individual isn’t strong they cannot beat the cancer in the relationship.

Is love enough? At this point, I’m not sure if anyone knows unless they are passed the honeymoon stage. Arguments and disagreements are the norm because there are two different people with different opinions and they constantly want to inflict influence on each other. This doesn’t mean dropping the ball when upset, leaving when upset, or giving up is the answer unless the couple isn’t ready to be in a relationship. Love cannot conquer the issues if the two people involved cannot. Stop being washed up and brainwashed on the “possibility,” of the almost, could of, should of, would of, but didn’t because at the end of the day—only two people can determine if they will stay and fight or walk the hell away.

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