WCW: Marsha Ambrosius

photo cred: bobospic.blogspot.com

photo cred: bobospic.blogspot.com

WCW: Marsha Ambrosius

Welcome to WCW known in social media as Woman Crush Wednesday. This initial post is something akin to that. (I’ll expound in a minute) Every post after this will not be about crushes. Pardon My Audacity has the audacity to change that. So forever more WCW here at PMA will be World Changing Women. Meaning: women who impact us all globally, women who are making a difference in their corner of the world. I will accept submissions from the common reader as we are all in this together and are NOT getting out of it alive.
       As you may or may not know, I have sort of a crush if you will on Marsha Ambrosius who gave an exclusive interview with me because she loves her fans. Although this is an original piece, I have posted this on Facebook and Instagram. Because of that, I have not changed a thing. I will tell you that the piece encompasses song titles as well as song lyrics written by “Songstress.” Also note that I call her The Future Ex Mrs. Hodge not because our union will fail, but because true love is bigger than a piece of paper, and we’ll divorce to prove we don’t need that paper. So, without further delay I give you my WCW AKA My Ode To My Green Eyed Girl…Marsha, Marsha, Marsha….
           For my final act of the evening… my #WCW is @marshaambrosius and you have no clue what that actually means. I’ve done some research and based on the ratchet world of IG Marsha and are a couple. Here’s why: She has liked at least 4 of my posts (all of which were about her) and sent me (lips emoji) AND ❤❤❤ and referred to me as “Love” and although Marsha is British and “Love, fancy, my darling are commonly used vernacular,” I’m counting that. So today #WCW doesn’t mean Woman Crush Wednesday; it means Woman Claiming Wednesday, and I’m claiming Ms. Ambrosius or as I like to call her #TheFutureExMrsHodge. Now given her status, I have to say up front I realize that I am currently the side of the side of another side piece as my #Songstress lives by a #NoRing policy. However, we all have a role to play, and although my  plight is tantamount to climbing “BigBen” I “HaveFaith.”
We’ll start as every true love does as friends.  My “Imagination” runs wild as I explore the “Possibilities” and “Butterflies” when you call just to say “Hello” and I call to say “Hey You” and slowly you begin to “LetMeIn.”  This will be a long courtship. In 13 years, we’ll both be 50, you one month and five days before me (you’ll still be a cougar). I will have built my empire by then and I believe you’ll finally grow tired of being “Far Away” from me and I too, will realize that I “Wanna Be Where U R” and since currently you live in California that means I’ll be going back to Cali but (I don’t think so.) Wherever you are I’d rather be “With You” than “Without You.” I’ll swoop in as “If I Was A Bird” just to hold “Your Hands” and because I’m here to stay you’ll be coy and tell me it’s “Getting Late” and I’ll gaze into your eyes as you ask me, “Why you gotta be here beside me, watching, needing wanting me? I’m afraid.” My simple answer will be, “Don’t be.” Thus we will begin our “Late Nights And Early Mornings” we will be THE power couple and I can assure you, @marshaambrosius won’t ever be caught fighting me in an elevator. (Yes, I took it there.) We won’t need to have children our nieces and nephews are enough. Our work will continue to be our babies, and what beautiful wonders they are and will be. I’ll never be “Mr. Messed Up” and you’ll be my only “Ms. Stress.” Thirteen years my love, it may seem like a long time but it’s funny how time flies, when you’re having fun.
I don’t know if we’ll actually end up being “Friends and Lovers.” Sure the latter part of that phrase has it’s perks, but I may find that I can be just as happy being your friend. So until then Marsha, know that all you’ll ever have to do is “Say Yes” and we’ll be off somewhere “Chasing Clouds.” In closing I want you to know you “Matter” and I’m patiently waiting for you. @Marshaambrosius Did you hear the “Music?” After all, “This Izza Luv Song.”

marsha-friends-and-loversIt’s no thing when it comes to bringing you some artistic, creative, and incredible scoops because   Pardon My Audacity always brings the dopest news to you!

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TK’s Bio: Terrence Kyrell Hodge I was born 9/13/79, in what was then W. Berlin Germany, to Qualise and Lieutenant Tyrone Hodge of the United States Marine Corps. He lived in London England and graduated from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor in 2000 with BA in English and Political Science. Terrance writes about any and everything. Terrance is planning a series of novels that are works of “faction” part factual (nonfiction) and partly fictional. He plans to bring a dual vision of American and European observation and opinions to PMA. He will bring blunt honesty with a sense of comedy. He says “I will write wherever I’m needed as I am  NOT a one trick pony.”


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