Be the Diva at Work

photo (3)Be the Diva at Work

Working women are officially sexy. There are women who are in charge of their financial situations and are becoming the definition of a boss. These women are entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and handling multiple businesses all in twenty-four hours. What I hate to see in a busy woman is the busy woman tends to allow herself be anything other than professional and regal-looking at all times. What people see is what they perceive and if a woman allows herself to slip clothing wise she will never be promoted. I’m not telling women to pull out their goodies that God gave them; I’m saying pull out that inner fashionista and shine while on the job. Being a boss isn’t just about barking orders but looking the part.

Looking like a CEO doesn’t have to be something to fret about; I rather enjoy the process of picking out an outfit that flatters my frame and makes me radiant in everything. I think that a woman needs to continue to nurture herself because a lot of us are always worrying and caring for others and miss out on ourselves. Don’t miss out, embrace you and when you are heading to work or leading your own employees—give them something to whisper about.

Here are some business wear tips:

  1. Incorporate fabulous blazers. Blazers can turn any outfit into a sure winner. They are cute, fitted, and you can accessorize like crazy with these bad boys. Don’t miss out on them by thrifting at the local thrift store or be trendy with H&M.
  2. Utilize cute business dresses. Those cute gray, black, white, and multicolored dresses that stop right at the knee are always in for business attire. New York & Company sells those babies like hot cakes and please have you a hot cake! They are amazing and comfortable.
  3. Pencil skirts are hot! Why not prance away with a little waist and a heavy bag full of business? Ladies, utilize the pencil skirt.
  4. Pumps, pumps and more pumps. I am not one to wear pumps everyday but when I do, I rock them. Be sure to wear pumps that are comfortable and go with whatever the day is scheduled for. No stilettos for walking downtown unless you can handle it. Here at PMA we hate to see a woman who is falling over. Be sure to rock those heels.
  5. Accessorize. Pearls are a ladies best friend and so are diamonds. Be sure to keep it classy with the jewelry. It is important to understand that not all jewelry is appropriate for the work place especially large hoops and large gaudy necklaces.

Be fabulous, but remember be professional. No one wants to witness a powerful woman with a beautiful mind and an awful inappropriate outfit for work. Stand tall and proud.


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