Trey Songz New Album: Trigga


Trigga Album Review

In a world where music is so diluted and lacks originality, you’d expect that by an artist’s sixth (6) album you would see some growth in that artist from album to album. Sadly, TremaineTreyNeverson BKA Trey Songz does not deliver. If you’re a fan of his this album won’t disappoint you, it’s exactly like it’s predecessors. There is no doubting Trey’s talent as a singer and song writer. However, when you’re talented (something I know something about) things are easy and you have to work at making it better. With having a way with words and an appealing voice, Trey could easily put out an album and that’s exactly what seems to have taken place here.


That’s not saying that Trey isn’t trying, he’s talented and needs to push. Since his core audience is young women, Trey’s album should be as successful as the first five. I spent time listening to “Ready,” “Trey Day,” “I Gotta Make It,” “Passion, Pain, & Pleasure,” and “Chapter V” (not in order of release) only to reacquaint myself and to compare it to “Trigga.” There literally all interchangeable. Again, not a bad thing; but I expected to see growth. Since, I found none I started looking for reasons that the growth wasn’t there. Neverson was 20 when his first album dropped and will not turn 30 until November of this year. To put it simply, he’s still a kid. As he grows into manhood I expect more than the hip beats and clever wording.


The Islely Brothers and Whispers made sexual music that was tasteful. I question some lyrics used by many of today’s “artist.” Vulgarity is expected when you listen to hip hop, but when I want to set the mood for my lady… “Cake,” while catchy won’t cut it. The most clever songs on the album may be SmartPhones, which is an updated Confessions (Usher) and Y.A.S. (You Ain’t Sh*t) songs that will resonate with women and make men make sure the screens of their phones are OFF before we place them in our pockets.

While it may appear that I don’t like the album, that’s not true. I expect more and Trey will give more as he begins to grow. Look at Jay Z, age and a good woman can change a man. Trey will give you more if you demand more and as his core audience grows up his music will have to follow suit or he’ll be a better Keith Sweat and forgotten.

So which is my favorite track? I’m torn between “Cake” and “Touchin, Lovin” (feat. Nicki Minaj) both are sexually charged and absolutely NOT to woo a lady, but if you want to dance and work off that chilled double shot of Grey Goose or those shots of Patron, these songs fit the bill and if I’m forced to chose, it would be “Cake.”  Touchin, Lovin is basically an updated “I’m F*cking You Tonight,” by R. Kelly and Notorious B.I.G. and at least “Cake,” from what I can tell is at least patterned after his own music.

TK Rates:

3*** out of 5.

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