Sugar Baby: Day One

IMG_5027Sugar Baby: IV

Sugar Baby” is a short story written by Jasmine Jackson. It is relaunching the short story circuit via the blog “Pardon MY Audacity!” This story will have explicit content as the story develops; however, there will also be a valuable lesson presented for all of the readers. Of course, this is how it works you BUMP IT or DUMP IT! If you BUMP it then another section of the story will be presented, if you DUMP it the story will cease! Are you ready for some DRAMA???? Hello, we are! (Hair flip and a snap) We hope you enjoy.

James spoke with his wife and continued to massage my body in a constant movement delivering a quick shot of pleasure throughout my body. I continued to relax and even arched my back a little more to receive the pleasure. As he spoke to her, there was a look of contentment but his eyes were locked on mine. I inhaled deep, exhaled then inhaled once again before moving his fingers from me and relocating across the tub from him. It was crazy to enjoy what should have never been and it was wrong. Their conversation seemed dry and very lackluster. My mind was wandering around things it should not have and I sat with my legs to my chest in the water with my eyes closed now. I liked to think of myself as strong-willed but with everything moving in the direction that it was I couldn’t help but feel vulnerable.

“Baby girl I hope I didn’t ruin your bath with my phone call.”

“No, I’m just relaxing.” I responded.

The way that I stared at him I made sure to be unemotional as possible and to remain as calm as I should be. There comes a time in a partnership like this one where a person can lose the upper hand and the tables turn. Once the table turns in these partnerships, money stops, disrespect begins, and everything that the head person tried so hard to get accomplished fails. We peered in each other’s eyes dancing around the uneasy silence and he grabbed my left leg and massaged it down to the foot. His thumbs intermingled with the sole of my foot as I continued to stare into his face unaffected by anything he did or said. This was how it had to be because otherwise I would be love sick, unable to focus, and missing out on an allowance I needed every week. His fingers ran up and down my legs and thighs, I lay back in the water and closed my eyes. I promise you James if I hadn’t a dream to come up in the world… I would definitely overstep my boundaries with you. I thought to myself.

“I see that you are all relaxed.” It was as if his voice cut me so intensely it hurt whenever he completed the sentence. I couldn’t neglect it; it was as if I was summoned to pay attention to this man.

“I’m going to allow you the rest of this Friday evening.” He rose out of the tub, his Johnson hit his thigh and his eyes never left mine. He pulled a white towel around his waist, proceeded to my face, kneeled down and pressed his lips against mine. He slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me out of the water. He placed me on my feet and admired my shape. I looked in the mirror at James watching me. My nipples became like chocolate chip kisses, hardened and ready to melt. His right finger rubbed it slightly before biting his lip and walking out of the bathroom. I walked over to the mirror and placed my arms on the end of it. I was horny and for the first time in a long time feeling very frisky and vulnerable. But I was also smart enough to know that giving up the cookie this night would be bad for business. Not without another installment of the money. I needed my plan to go my way. The suds rolled down my shoulder and the arch of my back. I was sexy. I knew it. He entered the restroom and walked up to me kissing the nape of my neck fully dressed.

“Relax my darling. I ordered you room service and you have a gift coming tonight. There’s a silk robe and everything is laid out.” I turned to him, the cold air coming in from the room seemed to bite my shoulder but we stared at each other without word.

“You said you would be coming back tomorrow correct?”


“In the meantime, you’re going to return to your wife and make love to her?”

“Is that a problem?” He questioned me straight faced.

“No sir, I’m simply inquiring.”

“Yes, I would like to go away for business and that’s what her request was before I had permission to stay out with you.” Confusion flooded my mind. This marriage didn’t make much sense and I wasn’t about to try and rationalize it. I wanted to roll my eyes, but I couldn’t. I remained neutral and kissed James goodbye. We didn’t speak much about his actions inside of his marriage simply because I wasn’t going to ask him to leave her.

Alone in the room, I sipped on white wine and ate succulent lobster tails. The silk robes caressed every part of my skin with love and I felt relieved at once. There was a knock on the door, I peeped through the peephole and saw a man hidden behind red roses. I opened the door and the delivery man handed me the electronic clipboard to sign my name and then handed over the car and roses. I sat the beautiful roses on the counter in the kitchenette counter then opened the card. It read: Just because and inside was five hundred dollars. I smiled at the gesture and finished smashing my dinner. In the comfort of the bed and the darkness, I decided that I needed a boy toy. I needed a fine ass man that wasn’t looking for a long term relationship, looking to spend large amounts of time together, and could unleash the freak that had been hidden inside due to lack of time. I decided that I wouldn’t allow myself to wait around for James because though it would be great and I just didn’t want to go down that road. I called Marie over to come and get me and I dressed to the nines. I had money to spend, a dress to rock, and a night free from responsibilities. I could finally embrace the finesse of my beauty.

Marie wore her strapless navy blue dress with some black pumps. Her hair was in a long Brazilian weave that she had paid a fortune on and her face was beat with a full face of foundation, eye shadow, liner, and lipstick. My best friend was naturally pretty but like many college girls she felt make up would add something special to her looks. I, on the other hand, opted for black fitted crepe dress with the arms exposed. My pumps were black as well with gold accessories that were just enough. I touched my eyelashes with mascara and my lips with Mac’s ‘Candy Yum Yum’ lipstick. My hair rested on my shoulder as it always did and we were out. We waited in nobody’s line seeing that our good friend Phil was the dj of the spot. We were sitting in the dj’s VIP booth section sipping on Ciroc when Ron walked in. He had a clean cut and though I wasn’t very fond of meeting men and allowing them to be in my face while I was out and enjoying the one night a year I allowed myself to go to a club, but Ron was very handsome. I had to do something about this vulnerability I felt due to James. His chocolate skin looked like a Hershey bar, he easily towered over me, and he was slim. He wasn’t a flashy guy with chains hanging over his neck instead he held a beer in one hand, a smile to me, and some kicks that I noticed as he made his way to me. Immediately, I thought that I should just act stand offish like I normally would but I gave him conversation and felt relieved that he wasn’t as senseless as I prejudged. Our conversation led into the early hours of the morning until he walked Marie and I to the car. We exchanged numbers and I promised that if he reached out then I would attempt to converse back when the opportunity presented itself.

“Okay now I’m confused. I thought you weren’t going to be dating anyone and the only man that was allowed in your life was James.” Marie broke my silent as I searched Instagram bored.

“I’m not trying to date Marie. I’m trying to keep my mind off of James.” I admitted freely. I blamed the alcohol for my slip of the tongue, but Marie knew I’d spill my guts drunk.

“So you are actually liking this guy?”

“Honestly, I don’t know if it’s the money yet, if it’s how fly I think he is, and I’m not sure what I am going to do about it. Tonight he had me so hot I could have jumped on his head.”

“He has a wife right?”

“Yes, he does.”

“Does it bother you?”

“No, I just don’t want to ruin the money I have coming in.” I lied. I lied my ass off to save my jealous face. What was going on? Just as I was finishing up my lie my phone vibrated and I looked down to see James’s text message.

I decided to come back and you’re not even here. I responded back after waiting a good two minutes On the way back. Stepped out for drinks.

He didn’t respond back. Marie wanted to walk me up to the room, but I declined. I wanted to get in the bed and go straight to sleep. I hadn’t expected James to return or for Ron to appear. I walked into the room, kicked my shoes off, and pulled my dress over my head. I unbuttoned my bra and lay in the large bed when I noticed James sitting in the chair beside the window. I wanted to scream, but I caught his face in time.

“I didn’t know you were leaving.” His voice came across clear.

“Yes, my best friend wanted to go out. I am a little drunk so I’m going to bed, but I thought you were at home fucking your wife.” It slipped out of my mouth, but in this stupor I didn’t mind it.

“I did fuck my wife.” He sat in the chair staring at me.

“Why are you back then? If I had a husband, he would fuck me all night.” I sounded like child and I knew that I did.

“Do you wish that I stayed with her or returned here with you?” The question was out of line for a sugar daddy. Sugar daddies didn’t ask questions about whereabouts and expect answers and neither did sugar babies. We were both acting as if this relationship was more than what it was.

“What is this? Why are we questioning each other like it’s more than what it is? Aren’t you supposed to supply money and I’m supposed to take the money with ease? We seem to function on different rules and can you tell me why is that?” I asked boldly.

“I paid for this room and so I expected you to be here.” James responded.

“I’m here now and that’s all that mattered.”

“True.” We both of us retreated from the conversation. I rolled over and fell to sleep. I suspected he left because when I awoke the next morning James was nowhere in sight.


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