Is Space Necessary in Relationship?

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Is Space Necessary in Relationships?

I see a lot of couples that are so in tune with each other that space is like a foreign thought for them. They must do everything together every single day and if anyone says anything different it’s a problem. People please believe me when I say that eventually your significant other will get on your nerves. They will start to always invade your space and not saying that this is always bad, but let’s be real there was life before love.

Give yourselves a chance to actually enjoy work, friends, and hobbies that both parties enjoyed before the relationship began. Don’t allow the relationship to get stale rapidly and then both people involved end up bored and ready to say “on to the next”. Often times in relationships, things cannot remain new and fresh because the infatuation for each other is crazy. Couples need to back the hell up and allow breathing rooms before things go sour and fast.

Women are sometimes clingy and want to be wherever their man is. I can admit a time when I just wanted to spend all the time I had with my boyfriends because we had so much in common, he understood my lame jokes, and of course he was my only friend that I wanted to kiss every time I saw his face. But then one day my friends started saying, “Jas, you’re spending too much time together.” I rolled my eyes because you all know I’m feisty like that and we dropped it. But then I started seeing it, he wanted to hang out with his friends and I wanted him too. I wanted to actually deep condition my hair, put a mask on, and sip a margarita in my bed watching television. I wanted to have girl talk and shoot I wanted to miss him a little. He needed football games, bar meet ups, and whatever guys did without their girlfriends.

Communication is key everyone and how many times have I said this? I’ll say it again, instead of catching attitudes and being angry sit down and talk it out. Talk about having a weekend or day apart where both of you can relax from the kisses and hugs to deal with other human beings! Talk about why the space is needed and ask if either is offended with the request. Be sure to be honest and kill the attitude because space doesn’t equal a breakup; it equals space! Seriously, no one is against you when they offer advice about taking breathing room and space. People love that you found love, but once we as humans fall we tend to royally forget about ourselves. We tend to want to please the person and forget that if we cannot please ourselves then who are we within the relationship? Our partners fall in love with whom we were before we became their girlfriend or boyfriend. Remember that when you’re too in love to continue to be the person you were prior to becoming their shadow.

That’s all I have for you all today. Peace, Love, Poetry!


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