Sugar Baby: Day Two

IMG_5027Sugar Baby: Day Two

I sipped on the orange juice that room service bought and nibbled on the layout of eggs, fresh fruit, wheat toast, and turkey sausage. The sun was shining through the room and I felt a level of peace and calm within myself. On the counter coffee table in the sitting area of the room was an envelope. I ran my hand over it before lifting it from the table and then opened it as I rested on the sofa. It was an official lazy day, I could feel it. I had no desire to do anything, but relax, eat, rest, read, and sleep. The note was short and simple: The spa is expecting you. James knew how to please a woman. He would make moves before he was asked and I liked the thought process of the man. He would deliver on my desires without being told what to do. It was actually quite nice not having to voice my wants when he would simply hand over the comfort and the ends. He wanted something and I knew exactly what it was. I took a quick shower, dressed in a maxi dress, and headed into Bliss Spa in the hotel.

“My name is LaTia Davenport. I have an appointment set up this morning.” I spoke to a short white lady with bleached blonde hair and gorgeous white teeth. She smiled looking for my appointment in the system.

“Welcome Miss Davenport, you will have a wonderful morning of pampering. You have hot milk and almond pedicure, Brazilian wax, a facial and one of our famous massages. Lucky girl, I’m so jealous of you right now.” As she spoke another taller white blonde with pink lips and scrub-like attire retrieved me.

“Hey, I’m Wendy. I will be one of the masseuses taking great care of you. Get undressed, place a robe on and relax here until someone comes to get you.” I did what was asked of me and totally felt relaxed.

The entire spa trip loosened my entire body and opened my mind. If I wanted to keep this treatment then I would have to pay for this treatment. It was a decision that wasn’t that hard because my James was a very sexy man, but prostitution didn’t look good for Joseline Hernandez and it damn sure wouldn’t look good on me! I didn’t even bother putting on clothes as I lounged in the bed sipping on Moscato watching “The Notebook.” I loved that movie, it soothed me. As I pulled the cover up to my chin, the room door opened and James walked in with a smile.

“I see you enjoyed your morning.”

“I did. Thank you so much.” I stretched and smiled. I sat up covering my body and bringing my knees to my chest. It begin again, pounding and wanting James to throw me on the bed and do some things that nobody had done to me for a while.

“You’re welcome. I see you are a nudist.” He commented.

“When I’m alone, but I can put on my maxi dress for you.” I stared up at him and then watched him sit alongside me in the bed.

“No baby girl, I love how free you are and open.”

“I know this isn’t ideal time, but I am wondering what this is becoming. I think that we question each other like it’s more of a relationship.” I looked him square in his eyes.

“It’s still a partnership, but I’m not going to lie when I see a gorgeous woman that sits in front of me with a beautiful body and a gorgeous mind I must say I want her. I think that I overstep my boundaries and I am going to get that in control.”

“Can I question you?” I asked with a smirk on my face trying to prove a point. He didn’t smile though.

“Yes, you can. I believe if you want to know then ask.”

“You aren’t my man in any form or fashion so why should we question each other?”

“You are an investment. I am putting money in and you are reaping the benefits. I am sure that you wonder about what I do and who I do it with. We are grown and we can be honest.”

“This isn’t how the exchanges go.” I stated.

“Well, I want more of a mistress than a woman taking all I have without giving me what I want.”

“That would mean you wanted an extramarital relationship in which I don’t want. If I want to go on date with someone my age, is that an option?” I questioned.

“You can do whatever you please as long as I please you and reciprocate the action. I want you in every sense of the word want.”

“You have a wife.”

“I have a wife.” We both stared at each other.

“It works this way James, you agreed with taking care of financial needs and everything else is extra. You want say in my life? You cannot have it. It is either what we have agreed upon or it’s not going to work for me.” He pulled the hairs in his beard ever so lightly and smiled at me.

“You are a very strong woman.”

“I have to be.” We both stared at each other and I knew he understood.

“There will be no questioning unless we agree on a moment where we both get to ask questions we are concerned about. Deal?” I thought it over and agree.

“Let’s shake on it. My word is my bond and I hope that it is yours as well.” He walked over to me and shook my hand willingly. Without saying anything else, he reached in the storage space and pulled out two boxes wrapped.

“Open them pretty girl.” He handed them over to me. At this point, I was comfortable with the nudity and James. I dropped the cover and took one box placed it on the bed and grabbed the other. With all the gifts, I received from him I loved sticking to what I meant and did what I said I would. I ripped the first box open to see a Michael Kor box and opened the box subtly. There was a large black handbag with golden MK emblems and though I wanted to burst because I loved Michael Kor since the show “Project Runway” but I just put a sly smile on my face before picking up the next big box. I ripped off the next wrapping off like it was Christmas. The next box read Vince Camuto and again I wanted to just die of bliss; inside of the gift box was an earl grey satchel handbag that I couldn’t wait to rock. As a child, I never really received all of the latest items and I never expected to because I understood mommy struggled to supply what she had. Here I was sitting in a suite at The W being fed, pampered, and given gifts that would never come on a day to day basis and I felt amazing. I knew that this was not typical for a young woman but it felt damn good and I knew I was being suckered under James’s watchful eye.

“Thank you so much James. These are very gorgeous bags, but I’m not sure I should take them.”

“Why not?” He questioned standing beside the bed peering down at me.

“This isn’t the money aspect we originally talked about.”

“I know, but I’ll spoil you every now and again.”

“You’ve been spoiling me for the last two days.”

“You overwork yourself so I thought I should help you relax.”

“Thank you. I don’t know what to say.”

“Say you’ll accept them and allow me to jump into bed with you to finish up this sappy ass movie.” We chuckled. I scooched over a tad and we lay comfortably. The movie continued on and back into the sheets of deliriousness I found myself drifting away into a rest. Before I could completely drift off I needed to know a few minor details of his marriage for my own curiosity.

“James, does your wife know about me?” I suddenly asked drowsily.

“Not yet.” He replied in the same manner.

“Will you tell her?”

“No. This is between us and I will respect you in that way.”

“I know there aren’t much questions, but I just want to know will I have to beat your wife’s ass?” I asked completely serious.

“No, she wouldn’t do anything to you. If she found out she would strictly come for me and my money.”

“Are you afraid of that?”

“Not really. I have proof of her relationship outside of marriage. We have a prenup and so I’m not worried.” We continued talking about his marriage and how he dealt with his wife. For some reason, I just didn’t picture his home life the way that he depicted it and it was none of my business. We talked facing each other in the bed, reliving special moments in our lives, and even my past young relationships. With James, there was ease and friendship. I felt completely taken by the conversation, my body yearned for his to touch mine and when he placed a finger on me I usually had to move in order not to jump onto his body and reach out for his needs as well. We were now connected in some odd way that I doubted anyone would understand. I drifted to sleep on his chest and just like that my Saturday turned into food, spa, gifts, and meaningful conversations.


Oh my, oh my gawwd! “Don’t stop James, don’t you dare stop. I’ve waiting for this moment!” He thrust in and out and held my arms down above my bed pressing his pink lips onto mine slowly but surely sucking every denial out of my body. I elevated my hips to receive the entire piece of flesh that he was trying to give. James sucked my collar bone like Uncle Roy sucked his hammocks and ran his tongue down my throat and sampled my chocolate kissed nipples like they were a new flavor for Hershey. He continued to please me by…I woke up wetter than usual and relaxed with James mouth covering my clit. I dripped for him; I had been yearning for James’s face and mouth and his hands… I had been yearning to let him engorge on me and have him so wrapped around my finger that he couldn’t turn me down ever. I hadn’t expected for this sexy man to have me gripping the sheets out of my sleep. I tried to inch away, but James grabbed my thighs and pulled me closer growling as if a pit bull trying to eat every morsel. His lips captured my sweet clit and held it spellbound and his tongue would slip through between sweet gnawing and lap up what would seep through to make sure nothing stained the sheets.

      “No, we aren’t supposed to—,” I started but couldn’t complete my thought.

      “Don’t speak Tia enjoy me.” I began to moan ever so softly fighting the sensation. He literally began making me take his face over and I began to lose it. Finally, without fighting back I grabbed the back of his head, elevated my thighs lightly lifting my ass off the bed and decided if he wanted to eat it, he would eaaaat it… I panted and moaned until his phone blared throughout the room…



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