The Grass is NOT always Greener Honey!

godisheart.blogspotThe Grass is NOT always Greener Honey!

You walk in the house and she is on her phone looking through Instagram   and she sees a comment from a random girl on your timeline. She immediately begins chewing you out and you haven’t even had time to drop your things in their prospective areas. She has been bothering you lately with every move you make, she says things you find totally disrespectful and you aren’t even smashing like old days. Things have definitely changed and there isn’t even communication to fix the problem. You have HAD it with being tied down to one inconsiderate woman when there are plenty of women hitting your line.

He walked into the house while you were bored on Instagram. There is the same female commenting on his picture while you’re cooking, cleaning, and handling the bills in the home. It has been picking at you for days now and you are tired of holding your tongue. He has been ignoring you lately with every move he makes, he says things so nonchalantly, and you aren’t even SMASHING like the old days. Things have definitely changed and you all aren’t even communicating to fix the problem. You have HAD it with being tied down to one nonchalant man when there are plenty of men hitting your line.

Perception is reality and when a person perceives something but fails to express it— relationships fail. We get irritated so quickly after the “honeymoon phase” ends, but why does it have to end? Why can’t couples continue to love on each other while life is rough? I think that these days’ people don’t want to fight so they don’t which in terms leads them to find someone else whose representative seems soooo much better than their current situation. It’s definitely not!

The biggest eff up I see in relationships, even my own in the past, is getting hurt by the one you love and trying to replace that hurt with another person. Please let me say this and it’s a little rough but sex doesn’t solve an issue; it satisfied the body—the heart will still hurt. Instead of running at the first issue, consider really working through the issue. It’s only the first damn issue or the first five. Sometimes you have to compromise but dropping one person for another isn’t always a great idea.

It turns out the cute girl with the job and no drama happens to not cook, clean, read, or respect your mother while your ex did all of those things and more just required more of you. It turns out that the guy that works at the gym, cut up and sexy, doesn’t really like being tied down or wants to allow enough conversation past the great sex. It looks like once you see a “better” lawn you begin to understand that it’s probably better to water, cultivate, and mature your own plants and allow the garden to grow that way. Holla if you hear me people…the grass isn’t always greener.

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