Marsha,Marsha, Marsha Part 2

marshaluxuryawaitsMarsha, Marsha, Marsha

Quick recap, Friday August 8, 2014 or 08/8/14 (as we do in London 8, August 2014) is Marsha Ambrosius’ Birthday. I am TK and while my head is typically in the clouds my feet are firmly planted here on Planet Earth, I AM A MARSHiAN. Wait, I just realized her brother’s name is Marvin (As In Marvin The Martian)


Well, I’m sure that’s occurred to Marvin. (Marv, we love bro)

Back to business this is about my girl Marsha, her work and the appreciation of her fans and bringing her to those who don’t know who she is, and TK & PMA saying “Happy Birthday Marsha!”

One of the reasons I cannot believe it when Marsha says that there are millions of people who have never heard of her is, most people have HEARD her music (either singing or written) before. They either don’t know (or how to correctly spell) her name, don’t check to see who wrote the song they sing repeatedly (often off key), or far worse, “Oh, the Songstress chick from Floetry.” I’m not all together sure why that last one irks me so, perhaps it’s the love I have for my name given to me by my father and I am sure someone gave a great deal of thought to what they would call this beautiful woman! So, what songs could you know that are associated with Marsha and you may not know it? Well I’m glad you asked….

Unless you were born this morning you know who Michael Jackson is. In 2001 Jackson released an album entitled “Invincible” which in my opinion was horrid. The first song on the album was “Unbreakable,” which featured the late Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace which was luke warm ( I’m being kind) and one song you may know “Butterflies” Yes, for those that are trying to catch up, Marsha Ambrosius wrote that song. I thought Marsha out sang Michael when Floetry released Ambrosius’ demo version of the song on their debut album “Floetry” in 2002 but their is a duet (so to speak) so you can form your own opinion:

So, before she released an album you’d heard her music. Had anyone read the credits you would have realized you heard her voice prior to Floetry. Where? Here:

That’s Marsha Ambrosius singing the hook. the reason you’re having hard time is that they sound very similar. I promise you I am telling you the truth, check your credits. Marsha typically sings her own back up, I’m just saying.

Finally, for all the people who think Hip Hop is the only thing you listen to and therefore that’s why you haven’t heard of Marsha. I would laugh at you, she is Hip Hop, at her core. I know she doesn’t look it, again trust… where am I taking you now? How about while you watch the Wale video for “Diary,” I explain to you why she isn’t in it?

It’s simple, her crazy busy schedule. It just couldn’t be helped and though for me, she MADE the song, they did a good job with the premise. So now, we have covered the world musically. Marsha says she was “Michael’s singing heifer,’ and I’m sure there’s still people who just don’t know what they’re missing. A soldier marches on and so that’s what we’ll do. Marsha, makes hits it really not complicated. She has never been out of the music business. She sang at the White House for Christmas people!

Until tomorrow then…NanuNanu, what that’s not Marshian, that’s Orkan! What? Nevermind…..


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TK’s Bio: Terrence Kyrell Hodge I was born 9/13/79, in what was then W. Berlin Germany, to Qualise and Lieutenant Tyrone Hodge of the United States Marine Corps. He lived in London England and graduated from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor in 2000 with BA in English and Political Science. Terrence writes about any and everything. Terrence is planning a series of novels that are works of “faction” part factual (nonfiction) and partly fictional. He plans to bring a dual vision of American and European observation and opinions to PMA. He will bring blunt honesty with a sense of comedy. He says “I will write wherever I’m needed as I am  NOT a one trick pony.”


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