Marsha, Marsha, Marsha part 3


Happy Birthday Marsha Marsha Marsha!

Today is 8, August 20014 on 8, August 1977 Marsha Ambrosius was born, considering what I know about the woman I would imagine that those green eyes were wide and the air was filled with the cries of an infant at unbelievable octaves and in perfect pitch. I personally, was said to have been born and not made a sound and most assuredly have spent the remainder of my life making up for it. Both athletes and both with knee injuries, Marsha and I have a great deal in common. Writing is what we do and we are here for your entertainment. It is always first and foremost about the work. I’m sure Marsha writes for the pure joy of it and that’s why it’s never a chore. Can something really be work if you’re doing exactly what you want to be doing? It’s almost unseemly to be paid for doing what you love to do. Marsha brings her words to you via music to entertain you. I bring laughs and lessons. If you have spent time with me and haven’t learned something and or laughed, I have failed. Alas, enough about me and back to my muse…

Now all grownup, Ms. Ambrosius has released her second solo album (which debuted at #2 in the US R&B and Hip Hop charts Billboards, #1 on iTunes and #1 UK respectfully) Friends & Lovers is definitely for the grown and sexually active. It’s a sequel to Ambrosius’ Late Nights & Early Mornings (2011) and although I’ve taken you down memory lane this week, it’s time to stay current. Our readers are aware that I have rated the album 5 stars out of 5, it’s a masterpiece and I don’t need to re-review the album. I’ll continue as I have all week, guiding to the water, and from there you’re on you’re own.


Let’s begin as I began my morning with Stronger…

Stronger is a cover (remake) of Sade’s 1988 smash Stronger Than Pride. While Sade, is the essence of smooth and smoky, Marsha went edgy and more upbeat than it’s predecessor. Also, as I have previously stated Marsha is actually hip hop at her core and she shows it here. The track features Dr. Dre of NWA fame (and for you young ones the man that makes the headphones you just have to have) and although the first words spoken by Dre are not his own (they are from Quentin Tarantino’s motion picture Pulp Fiction) they are the most poignant spoken by him. Marsha has stated that she had done so many hip hop features that when she was looking for a rapper why not get the billionaire? In the video you get to see that Marsha sees herself as a Salt N Peppa type of hip hop artist. Old school and hand motions not for the faint of heart.
Run is a heartbreaking beautiful ballad of finally realizing that the one you have loved forever is NOT the one… and you’ve got to cut your losses. As Ne-Yo says in “Without You,” dramatic shit, but that’s kinda what I like about her. Marsha Ambrosius is like a good murder mystery with subplots and tangent lines, in other words she not easily figured out. (What woman is?)
From Friends & Lovers it’s the only two singles but NOT the best on the album. You know Marsha, gets you all ready to roll out on emotional dramatic type sh*t and then we change positions… My favorite song on this album is a tie. I have tried to chose LaLaLaLaLaover Night Time, but I simply cannot do it. While the former is a beautifully penned ballad with shades of Minnie Riperton’s “Loving You,” is so good it’s orgasmic. Having said that Night Time is about trying to achieve exactly that, an orgasm. But you’ve just met this person, and there are always repercussions from taking a lover to bed. Those choices are harder for women. As men, we’re patted on our backs for our conquests; women are labeled as tramps and whores. It’s not fair, but it’s always the way it’s been and I don’t see that changing.
Having said that, Night Time reminds me of my current situation but at the beginning… I had been through some rough stuff and with age comes some wisdom and as badly as I wanted her, she would’ve been at the end of a string and I didn’t want her to be… So she wasn’t, I waited as long as I could and now I’m singing La La La La La because we got right… Oh so right… You love me like forever…
And then if you just want to get nasty or as she says on stage “Sophisticatedly Ratchet,” there is 69! Again, the smoldering sexuality is undeniably intoxicatingly beautiful. Like “Put It In Your Mouth,” by Akinyele but something you’re not embarrassed to say you know…
At 37 years of age Marsha Ambrosius has already proven that she has staying power as she gears up for her 13th year in the music business (still a baby) and so even when the voice fades (and they all do) she can still have a career in music. I know that when she shattered her knee the dream of basketball as a career crashed and burned but her true purpose was rose out of the ashes like the mythical Phoenix, only better. The Phoenix isn’t real, Marsha Ambrosius is not only real, her music is the unadulterated truth. As she takes the stage tonight it is not lost on me that she’s opening on her birthday for John Legend in Toronto, Canada when she should be headlining. It’s also NOT lost on me that she has stated she will be celebrating all month and that is why the party will continue because on 25, August 2014 Marsha comes home to Liverpool, England UK and although Los Angeles is where she works and plays, London, Liverpool, ENGLAND is home and home is what?  Home is where the heart is, and and when you sing Streets Of London and ask, “Where’s my heart?” There will be thousands there to tell you that you are indeed home. The fever will be that of Liverpool kicking the shite out of ManU (Manchester United) on the pitch… Well, maybe not that amped, but a guy can dream can he? See you in Liverpool…
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