Music Monday: Fatima “Yellow Memories”

Fatima Music Monday: Fatima “Yellow Memories”

Normally when PMA brings you an artist that’s popular we don’t provide a great deal of background information. When, it’s a relatively new or completely unknown artist we delve into who they are in hopes of being able to help the reader shape who the artist is. Today, PMAbrings you Fatima and a review of her current solo album, “Yellow Memories.” Today will just be about music because very little is known about the artist herself. I can tell you that Fatima is a Swedish born, UK based singer who grew up with her family in Södermalm, Stockholm. She started singing in school choirs and continued writing lyrics, working as a backing vocalist and performing around Sweden for some time until moving to London at the end of 2006. She was discovered after performing at nightclubs like Deviation and Nonsense and is currently signed to Eglo Records. Her debut EP Mind Traveling was released 2010 subsequently Follow You was released in 2011, all on Eglo Records.
I stumbled onto Fatima via Google Play. I had been listening to my British channel and there she was singing “Biggest Joke Of All.” It’s a smooth kind of jazzy song that had me feeling shades of Erykah Badu and Corinne Bailey Rae. I was so impressed I stopped the station and listened to the album start to finish.  A lover of music I am, the Virgo in me is highly critical, i.e. I am not easy to please. Fatima did not disappoint. It is mixed bag album; one where you can dance and chill out to, and with the current state of affairs, we all need to chill. The songs are beautifully written and Fatima has a smooth smoky voice, and she loves what she’s doing you can hear the smile in her singing.
It also appears that Fatima is socially conscious in tracks “Do Better,” and “Technology.” It’s a feel good album and yet “Gave Me My Name” is definitely about an absentee father. This song is beautifully sang and heartbreaking all at once. For an album to be legitimate and satisfying, it must move one emotionally of physically make you get up and dance. In fairness to Fatima this isn’t a dancing album, but you will definitely feel something. “Family,” the only track that can be considered dance worthy, is so profound you don’t want to dance; fearing that you may miss something important.
Trying to pick a favorite track was difficult. So I chose three is ascending order: “Do Better,” “Biggest Joke of All,” and “La Neta,” Fatima can flat out sing and if this is the kind of music she will be a household name, very very soon. Fatima takes inspiration from everything above and below the clouds, sounds and visuals from past to present. She loves soulful sounds, funky, dirty , bouncy sounds; smooth like silk and raw like ODB, appreciating the best of all worlds. Now residing in the midst of east London, she’s continuing her musical journey from the dark basements of London to traveling across land and oceans to Greek blue waters and palm encrusted streets in the city of angels in the name of peace and love.
Release date May 13,2014. The album gets 4 Stars out of 5.
Picture is album cover

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