MTV VMA 2014


  MTV VMA’S 2014

PMA always brings the noise, the hotness, and most importantly the truth. The truth, this is a rewrite. I started writing this piece during the show. The beginning put you on notice that this was the Year Of The Woman, however initially it looked as if it were going to be the hypersexualized unmitigated disaster that was Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke twerk of death, (despite early denials, Paula Patton was embarrassed by this act and separated from Robin.) After Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Jessie J killed “Bang Bang,” I knew tonight would be different. Since I’m being honest, “Anaconda,” had me feeling Nicki and not because the lyrics are impressive.

I’m aware of who Grande is, but I’m not really the cotton candy and balloons pop music type. Jessie J is a different story, she’s edgy and could easily sing blues, she’s an American Amy Winehouse with the pipes to prove it. It’s Jessie J’s vocals on “Bang Bang” that makes this song. It instantaneously became my new favorite song. Nicki Minaj is who she is, she is more talented than she allows herself to be marketed, but perhaps maturity will remedy that.

The next act to perform was Taylor Swift and finally she’s taken the baton and grown up too. “Haters Gonna Hate,” showed a sexually comfortable Swift who donned a shimmering two piece fringe outfit that she was working. Swift also took some shots at her haters live, and I thought, “Good for you Taylor, you’re no longer the little girl that Kanye West embarrassed 3 years ago.” She’s a grown woman now, and I am proud that she’s taken off the sneakers and put on the heels!


There was also the non musical trio from the show “Orange Is The New Black” which is the funniest show on TV. The VMAs even redefined womanhood having a transsexual woman on stage, risky but it worked. They introduced Usher, who needs to stay judging “The Voice” and stop making records, Nicki Minaj saved his performance, nothing less should be expected during the reign of the woman.

The artist to watch went to Fifth Harmony and their song “Miss Movin’ On,” by now either the fix was in or the viewers understood that this was THE NIGHT OF THE WOMAN. I’m cynical and I’m going with the former over the latter for one reason, humanity doesn’t seem to be getting it anywhere right now. Despite that, this was yet another feel good moment as the women won every category the could and thus were only losers in the male categories, which they weren’t in.

The acceptance speech of the night went to Miley Cyrus, who didn’t even make the speech. “Wrecking Ball,” won video of the year (I fact checked that as I am surprised as you are) and a young man simply known as “Jessie” accepted the award on behalf of the 1.6 million runaways and homeless youth in the United States. Miley didn’t even walk onto the stage. She let “Jessie,” a homeless youth tell us his story of survival and hope. I was instantly proud of Cyrus and realized she too has grown up. This would have been the moment of the night, hell if it had ended here it would’ve been on a positive note and kudos to Miley and MTV; but wait….


blueAmidst rumors of separation and impending divorce, Beyoncé took the stage for the final eighteen (18) minutes of the live broadcast (the show ran over 13 minutes so if you recorded it you missed an ending for the ages). What you got was an abbreviated version of the “On The Run…” tour. No, Jay Z, no big band, and a shortened dance routine from the tour. But in case you cannot afford a ticket to the show in Paris, France at Stade de France currently priced at 366.00 EUR or $483.00 (American) fret not; the same show will run on September 20th on HBO. If you don’t have HBO you still are getting the best of the tour, the behind the curtains look at the lives of parents to one of the cutest kids, who is also the youngest recording artist in history. (Blue Ivy Carter appears on her father’s song Glory recorded 4 hours after her birth which includes Blue’s first cries at 31 seconds old.)


When watching them though, they’re boringly normal with Blue, and that is actual beautiful. Unlike the Wests daughter North, who goes on celebrity playdates, Blue is no different my son or your daughter, except “You should expect some shit to go down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator” Beyoncé has even owned that, and in doing so claims all the power. So what else is there left to say….

Photo cred: TK,, Instagram.



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