Sugar Baby: Is there really a choice?

IMG_5027Is There Really A Choice

As I placed my bag down on his brown sofa, his arm wrapped around my waist and I extended my arms around his neck. For a moment, we just stared at each other; we didn’t need to say anything because I chose to take it one step forward. His arms around my waist were warm inviting me and his lips pressed mine. For some reason, I was incredibly guilty. I felt lost and felt like I was selling myself short even though I was financing my dreams.
“Stop thinking for one minute and completely relax,” He whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes and exhaled lightly when I opened my eyes he was right there and I couldn’t escape him. I pressed my lips onto his and he parted them electing my tongue to dive in—and it was on. I begin to pull deepen our kiss his hands rummaged my body and I loved it. He pulled my hoodie over my head, next my shirt, and then his shirt. We slowly moved from the door to his large master bedroom. He picked me up and sat me on his bed and he looked at me for approval. I didn’t have to say anything as he removed the remainder of my clothes and his as well. We crawled in his bed and we didn’t do anything first, but hug I felt like he knew I needed it. His fingers outlined my nipples for the treasure he sought and he disappeared from my eyesight and began to suckle my nipples lightly. I moaned finally relaxing and allowing him to have all of me. I didn’t give all of me to anyone, but Ron could have me if he wanted me this night, even if it was just for this night because I had already been playing tag with the devil. His tongue made a trail down the middle of my belly button and he kissed me around my stomach then back up. He sucked on my lips and pinned my arms back before nibbling on my neck and slobbering on my collarbone. It was wet and I loved it. He reached over to his dresser and pulled out a condom. His hand held my tightly on the left side and he slid it on with his right hand and without instruction I spread my thighs as wide as I could.
It had been a while since I had been intimate with anyone other than James’s head, but I wasn’t tensed. My body yearned for Ron, my kitty meowed for him and when he grabbed both my hands and begin to slowly stroke me I arched my back and completely relaxed. He let go of my left hand positioning his hand onto the head board and he thrusts me while staring in my face. I pulled him closers to me and held him as he sped up and made my toes curl. I ran my hands over his entire body idolizing his frame, the cuts of his muscles and the curve of his dick.
“OH…My…Gawww…” I came… He flipped me over sweat beads on my back was attacked from the ceiling fan. I rode him with no inhibition, no drawbacks, and damn sure no regrets.

James’s Story:
“Do you think you’re fuckin’ slick?” I paced the floor on the phone with my wife. She conveniently had to visit an old friend she saw in Phipps Plaza.
“You need to get out of your feelings and handle your own business. Don’t you have money to make?”
“You’re right. I do have money to make.”
“Mmm, you sound irritated. Don’t slip up and have a heart attack from stress.” She cooed.
“I won’t leave any of the money to you this soon darling,—To death do us part right?” I responded to my wife. I sat at my desk with the doors closed steaming from my unfaithful wife. Had I not felt guilty for her helping me manage my business in its beginning and taking it to the next level, I would have been left that woman. Frustrated, I packed up my brief case and headed out of the office for the day to blow off steam.

Tia’s mind was brilliant; she had way more up top than any of the other young women that were throwing pussy my way. She wasn’t even throwing pussy and I wanted her. When I first laid eyes on her, I had to approach and approaching her and being shot to shit made me want her even more, but I didn’t beg for attention. It wasn’t often that I wanted another woman, but I wanted Tia Davenport.
“May I speak with James Driscoll?
“This is James.” I knew it was it her.
“My name is LaTia Davenport. I met you at the café, do you remember me?”
“How could I forget a woman that beautiful?” I smiled as I leaned on my desk.
“You are one smooth talker.” I knew that she was a business woman; her demeanor was calm and it threw me off because she was young and usually the young ones were the ones feigning for time and attention. But enough with memories, I had been supplying Tia with the financial needs arranged. I wanted different terms for our arrangement but I had already agreed to play “sugar daddy” to this woman. The curve of her hips, the dimple in her left cheek when she smiled, the sparkle in her eye when she is in my arms, the ass, the intellect, and the power she possesses made me want to step over boundaries every fucking time I saw her. I enjoyed the checking, the chilling, the sexual attention, but I couldn’t have her to myself. The ring on my finger never hindered me much, but in this case it went against everything that any deserving woman would allow. I could see Tia would be open to much more, but again there was the barrier of truth, Niecy, and now the new nigga in her life. Tia ran across my mind as I signed the decrees to begin designing the latest building in Downtown Atlanta.
“Baby girl, what’s up?”
“Hey, I’m getting ready to get off at work.” She responded. I could tell she had been having a decent day and wanted her in my presence.
“You busy tonight?”
“No, what’s up?”
“Want the truth or you want bullshit?” I replied.
“Truth is always the best.” She chuckled on the line.
“I want your legs open, hips up, and I want my face wet from everything you have to offer. How’s the sound?”
“Sounds like a meal worth the wait.” I sat back in my desk chair staring at the sights of the beautiful Atlanta skyline. I watched as the car sat in traffic on I-85 and the rest of the world scurrying around to get to their desired location but I remained still and quiet on the phone.
“Sounds like you’re busy. I understand, however, tonight isn’t usually my night. I just wanted to taste what you had to offer.”
“And do not think for one second that I don’t want you to feast from what I have to offer. I would imagine how amaze it would be for the second time. I’m surprised you’ve called me this early.”
“These days I have to get to you before others do.” I referred to her new dude often just because honestly I didn’t respect a thing he stood for. I had more money than she could ever want for, more dick than she could probably take, and more power to maneuver certain situations. He could not have what I wanted unless I allowed it and I wasn’t ready to allow Tia to be with someone else before I could decide if I wanted her.
“Oh, I see. You wanted to get an up one on the communication today to prove a point huh? You are the man that pays my bills baby nobody is coming before you.” She stated bluntly and I smiled. Her remarks were what made me take a step back and respect a lot of the things she had to say.
“As long as you know, but I would like to actually,” I paused to find the words to say to her without it being offensive.
“I know you’d like to fuck me, but you cannot today. I will talk to you later.” We talked a few moments longer and then ended the conversation. I sat at my desk with my dick resting on my thigh thinking about every position I could land her in. I wanted to land her, but I decided making money was the equivalent of bussing a nut so I refocused and begin to work. I walked around my office monitoring my talented staff and started my meetings for the day.
Niecy sauntered around with her Gucci bag, red bottom heels, and a pile of documents that she had to account for. Her part time pop ups at my company never bothered me and most of the time we ignored each other’s feelings or emotions and focused on business. We would make friendly gestures like homeboys, but we were nothing more after fifteen years of marriage.
“Well, don’t you look scrumptious Mr. Davenport.” Niecy commented as I was bent over finishing up a design.
“You don’t look half bad yourself.” She wore a red wrap dress, her hair was curly and kissing the apex of her shoulders. Her brown skin was oiled up, those red bottoms made her calves pose, and her breast peaked through just enough. I admired my wife; she was an evil bitch, but damn if she wasn’t amazingly gorgeous and sexually gifted. I found myself between a rock and hard place with her in that dress.
“You have another meeting this afternoon correct at 12:30 correct?” She questioned me.
“Correct. I’ll see you in the meeting.” My wife had been smarter than me when we first were married. She helped invest in the company and then she help grow the company which means that if we divorced, she would be just as well off as I would be and probably more if I had to give her half of my company. I had been stashing money away for years in other secret spots that I made sure she never knew about, but when times got rough between us the conniving little cunt made it her business to let it be known that my company damn near would pay her for the rest of her life and I stuck it out beside her. The only break that I ever received from our marriage was that she began having an affair in which would trump ever paying millions to her from my personal pockets. It’s against the law to commit adultery in Georgia and with all of the pictures, the private investigator has hidden away for a rainy day, I wouldn’t have to pay alimony on top of the investments she has in my company. But I digress that both parties haven’t mentioned divorce in a while and partly it’s because the sex is simply amazing and my wife is the freakiest Atlanta-bred woman I have ever met. She walked away so that I could feel the sexual tension from her as if a wave. On top of the dress being tightly fitted around her round booty, there were no panties lines and I must admit I watched her walk until she disappeared into her personal office.

The office was quiet for lunch; I had allowed everyone two hours off for the great job they had been doing and I was getting ready to head to the meeting I had. Her back lay on my desk, every article on my desk was on the floor and her wrap dress hung off the doorknob. I closed the door behind me. The blinds were already closed and Niecy flashed her pearl at me as she slowly played with it. She was completely naked on my desk, she smelled delectable, she looked amazing and I was already out of my pants and walking toward her.
“This meeting is commencing now Mr. Davenport.” I flickered her finger over her clit again and I didn’t hesitate to bend over to position myself over her body and to slurp from my wife. Her hand guided my head skillfully and she made sure to grind my face in all of the places she wanted the most. She made sure to be as loud as possible and for that I was always grateful. Her juices rested on my lips and I yanked her body off of my desk, she wrapped her legs around my waist and I rested on the desk to hold her up as she rode me.
“Smack this ass!” She demanded and I did so. I was at her beck and command at this very moment. I could feel her contract and squeeze me as she continuously came…We continued to fight through our sexual lunch meeting. We paused when we thought we heard something, but continued when the noise ended. The rest of the lunch date, I made love to my wife in every position she demanded and all of the ones I wanted. The entire time I fucked her… I thought LaTia Driscoll.


I attempted to surprise James at his job with lunch since he called this morning to make an effort, but wouldn’t you know he was in his office fucking his wife. I dropped the back off and wrote a note from his assistant’s desk. Was I hurt? Yes. Should I have been? No. Is there really a choice to make between Ron and James? No, choose Ron and get this fucking money from married ass James. My head space was so crowded with emotional responses in which I wasn’t accustomed too. I had got the dick of my life from Ron and who was I to be upset that I came to surprise my sugar daddy and he’s beating his wife down? Ugh. I remember saying to myself that it didn’t feel right to do “mistress” things when you are in a business agreement. Not to mention, I bought this man Panera Bread. I was so looking forward to surprising him.

Two hours later while sitting in lab, I received a text message from James. I ignored him. His message didn’t say much and so he must not have known that I had been there. There were boundaries crossed on my part and it was time I learned my place.

After the freak fest with Niecy, I walked out of my office after about two hours of work and cleaning. My assistant handed me a bag from Panera Bread.
“Hey Mr. Davenport, this was left here for you.”
“Thank Nicole.” I took the bag and headed back in my office. I hadn’t ordered anything and was confused at where I would have gotten the food. Everyone knew how much I loved Panera Bread’s pick two menu, but I was still lost. I opened the bag and there was a folded letter. I opened the letter to read:
You called me this morning to fuck me and now you’re in your office fucking her. Hey, I now know my place. It’s with Rod. See you when it’s allowance day.
– LaTia.
The noise that we both heard was Tia; I was never going to get her now.


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