Sugar Baby: Allowance Day

IMG_5027Sugar Baby:

Allowance Day

You called me this morning to fuck me and now you’re in your office fucking her. Hey, I now know my place. It’s with Ron. See you when it’s allowance day.

– LaTia.

Shit, I fucked that up! Those words ran through my mind a million times as I sat at my desk. Though Niecy was indeed my wife, I felt as if I had crossed Tia. How was I supposed to know that she would show up? Better question, how am I going to fix this? I didn’t risk trying to fix it on impulse and I doubted she would accept a phone call from me without being a bitch and without inquiring about the money I’m supposed to give her. “Allowance” day would have to be the next big moment and I’m sure she would act as if nothing ever happened and continue fucking or begin fucking Ron. I banged my fist down upon my desk completely pissed that I got caught up. It was now time to lay low and allow some days to pass without irriation on my behalf.
“Hey sexy, you ready to head home?” Niecy peeked her head through my office door.
“Yes babe. Let me pack up my briefcase and I’ll be out.” I hurried out of the business with Tia on my mind. Things weren’t going to be easy and I knew what I needed to do.

Two days went by without much communication between Tia and I. I was tired of the silence especially since she was expecting my hard earned cash. I decided that I’d send her a gift every day until we were to meet for the money.
“Amber, I need you to order me some flowers.”
“What kind of flowers boss?” She asked without hesitation.
“Get two dozen tulips. I want you to use this address for them.” I wrote down Tia’s address and handed it over. My assistant was one of the best that I had ever had working for me; she didn’t gossip, she kicked it to me straight, and she didn’t want more information than she needed. Whatever I asked of her, she did including lying to my wife if I asked her too.
“Say no more. I’ll have them delivered in a minute and hopefully they’ll get there by tomorrow.”
“Thank you, but can you shoot for this afternoon or evening?”
“They’ll be delivered today then.” I disappeared back into my office and finished up checking on the upcoming events and calling potential clients.


The tulips were absolutely gorgeous and granted they made me smile, but he would have to come a little harder than that to get me to talk to him besides money matters. Ever since the “miscommunication” between James and me, I continued working and studying as if nothing had happened.
“Baby girl, where do you keep going? Every time I look up you are in another daze.”
“My bad, I’m just worn out I guess.” I grabbed the back of my neck massaging the kinks out.
“Let me help you with those kinks.” He massaged my neck and back. He was different; he was here for me and only me. We would talk, laugh, relax, and have amazing sex whenever we had a chance. The days where I would want to be alone, he would allow me the space. Every chance I got to be alone, I thought of James, the funds, the bills that were paid thanks to James. Back to back, A after A in all of my classes, and kick back and lunch with my girls kept me uplifted, but my mind replayed the sex I heard while standing outside of his office. What the hell was my mind transitioning to? Ron placed kisses on my lips, shoulders, and my forehead every chance he got and I loved it but this game I was playing was becoming so much for me. Allowance day was coming and I’d have another stash of money to add to what I already had saved up. Sitting in my living room in my sweats watching tv there was a knock on my door, I opened it to a delivery man with a box in his hand. I signed for my box, closed the door, and slumped back on my couch. I opened it up and there was the name Camuto over the box. It was a pair of knee-high Karita black boots with a note in it. You deserve it. Flowers and boots for the fall. I smiled and tried on my boots.
Biiiiiiitch, this negro bought my ass some Vince Camuto boots and some tulips.” I bragged to my bestie.
“He ain’t even your man honey! I can’t wait to see them.”
“Let’s facetime! I’ll show you them because they are def on my feet as we speak.”
“Bet.” We both hung up and started video chatting. My best friend was dressed to kill in charcoal pencil skirt, red top, and black pumps.
“Is that how you walk into your internship everyday? Girl, you look great.” I commented.
“I try boo, now let me see these boots,” I flexed my foot up to allow her a peek.
“Those are gorgeous! I want a sugar daddy now!” She joked.
“No, you don’t. It’s too much baggage.” We both laughed.
“How are you and Ron?”
“We are very well. He’s very caring and I love that he’s interested in all of me. That’s rare.”
“Especially for you meany. I’m proud of you. You went from no man to two men!”
“Too much work, I tell you that. It’s stressful sometimes, but it’s a healthy balance.” As we talked, I rationalized all the details as if I weren’t feeling both men and had no clue what was next. I had no clue-what-was-next.
“You can say what you want, but I know you don’t like the extra drama in your planned out, scheduled, no room for bullshit life. But if you are happy than so am I just be careful and be firm. You’re too smart to lose money and love.”
“You know what I’m referring to doll, don’t play.”
“Mm hmm,” I grunted.
“Are you breakin’ James off too?”
“No, he has only ate it once like I told you.”
“Well, Tia you said it was the best head ever.”
“It was.”
“Try something else out.” She smiled at me.
“He’s too busy fuckin’ his wife so let him.” I responded salty.
“It is his wiiiiifffeee,” She drew the word out. “Can’t be mad at that.”
“Right. That’s why I’m getting Vince Camuto boots.” We both busted out in laughter and then finished up our talk before she had to head to work.

Allowance day was drawing near and I continued to receive gifts, but I had had enough with the lack of communication between the two of us. We were grown ass people and we needed to be able to open our throats and speak before we met for the money exchange. Ron was working late, school books were plopped on my couch as I sat Indian style taking notes and sipping tea when I decided to stop pussy-footing with my James and contact him.

“At some point, you are going to have to say hey. Stop being scary.” I text messaged him.

“Hey gorgeous.” A simple reply that made me smile, why? No clue, but gorgeous would always make a girl smile.

“Handsome, may I ask have you heard of a very generous man who sends tulips and Vince Camuto boots out to young suspecting girls?”

“No, but I have heard of a man spoiling a gorgeous, hardworking woman.”

“I think I have another gift that I have yet to open from this gentleman. Should I open it?”

“Indeed you should.” He replied with in five seconds. I imagined him sitting there smiling at his messages from me just as I smiled at his. I often thought of why I found myself so attracted to a married man, but if eyes took one look at James mmmm, they would know the man I saw. If ears were present for the conversations we shared, they would understand just how interesting, intelligent, and sexy he was. If they had his lips wrapped around they’re…well, they would swoon from the climatic ending. I pulled the wrapping off of the small box and it was all of my favorite Mac lipsticks; and I was so excited about it. Mac was $15 bucks a pop and I had 7 of my all time favorites—granted it wasn’t boots, but it was still the thought that counted.

“Mac? This man is wonderful despite having a wife.” I text messaged him.

“I miss you baby girl.” He responded with a sad face emoji.

“I miss you.” He called me and I answered the phone reluctantly.


“Yes sir.”

“I just wanted to hear your voice pretty.”

“I’m glad you called,” I replied.

“I know it’s hard to believe, but I am sorry for that.”

“I was very upset, but the bottom line is it’s not my place to be upset. That is your wife and I am a business decision.”

“It’s hard to say but I would never want to hurt you or disrespect you the way that I did that day. I’m really not going to lie, I fuck my wife on a regular basis and that’s one of the reasons what keeps us talking. She is my wife, we have problems, and I have needs, but I wouldn’t drag you into any disrespectful thing for you to witness that.”

“It was my fault.” I responded lowly.

“You tried to bring me lunch. That was more than I could ask for from a business decision. That hit me hard that you even tried to do that for me so I truly apologize.”

“I forgive you. I apologize for popping up.”

“No need. That’s more than I could ask for from like you say a business decision.”


Her voice created a calm persona in me and I knew that the situation was water under the bridge. I showered after the call, watched football highlights, and watched the clock for Niecy to return her ass home. It was almost 12 am and my wife was wandering around Atlanta with a man that I had known most of my life and they both were acting as if nothing was going on. Sometimes I wanted to snap and just move on with my life yet I didn’t want to lose money, but I didn’t want a slut as my better half and I’m sure that Tia didn’t want an old man as hers.

I closed my eyes and my mind invaded Tia. Her dimples were as cute as Lauren London’s and her features were similar as well. Her eyes were almond shaped and brown. Her hair as she said was “natural and had a natural curl pattern” unlike the other superficial women I met. But that was the beginning, her body was great, her face was amazingly gorgeous and her smile brightened my day. The day she sat in the cafe I had to have her by any means necessary. She could and would check me immediately in the most gratifying way; it was slick but precise. She was quick-tongued, witty, and sexy. The years that she grew up in the “hood” hadn’t tarnished the young queen inside of her, it helped it ooze out of her and crowned this intelligent being. Her ambition toward succeeding and her tenacity to get ahead without sacrificing so much was alluring. LaTia was a breath of fresh air and the sweetest escape of reality with the sweetest aroma and the sweetest nectar between her thighs. I relaxed wishing to taste the sweetest escape I was afforded.

Tia walked into the restaurant with a strapless white dress that held onto her curves perfectly. Her hair was in a high bun, red lips, white strapped pumps and I stood at the table awaiting her. We embraced in a hug and I noticed she didn’t wear any panties. We looked into my eyes and press her lips to mine. We sat; I reminded her that her package was at the hotel that we agreed upon earlier in the day. We enjoyed each others company, personality, and presence.
“Dammit girl you are gorgeous,”
“Thank you handsome.”
“You look happy and not stressed.”
“I have to look good for you love. You have been worried sick about me and you.”
“I just didn’t want to disrespect you.” She pulled my hands into her and smiled.
“It’s all good love.”
“Is it alright for you to spend your night with me?”
“Bags in the car.” She smiled.
“I missed you.” The dynamic of us was skewed and we were damn sure more than monetary donations and hugs. We ate, left separately, then found ourselves in the hotel room again.


I was sick and tired of acting as if I didn’t want this grown man. I was tired of just being dedicated to books and school and pretending as if I didn’t have needs that I only wanted him to meet. Yes, I want a great life but I want a little mystery and adventure. Ron had been great but he also had some secrets that I found out about but failed to mention. He was running back between his ex and me; so I decided to have my cake and to eat his scrumptious ass as well. Instead of being overly emotional and lose out on my boo seeing that we weren’t officially together I decided to consume all of my options. For some reason, I felt frisky and alive and young. James tongue was damn near hanging out of his mouth and I was urging for him to be less of a gentlemen. Two could play the game of secrets and I would always dominate in that arena. As he handed over the package, I slipped it into my bag and pulled my dress over my head.
“I appreciate you taking very good care of me,” I smiled as I removed my bra and head toward him.
“I do it because I care for you.” He stated sincerely. He removed his tie and began removing his button down. I kept my heels on and sat in the seat beside him. He admired my body and I admired him.

“I do it because I care for you.” He stated sincerely. He removed his tie and began removing his button down. I kept my heels on and sat in the seat beside him. He admired my body and I admired him. His jaw structure mimicked handsome Idris Elba and he had just as much finesse while wearing his slacks and shirts. He pulled his leg up and rested in the thinking man position and smiled as he rested his foot on the rail of the bed.

“Why do you look so mischevious tonight?”

“I look amazingly happy and comfortable.” I responded.

“What’s wrong with you? You aren’t as easy to get naked and very precise with the words you’re saying.” It’s like he read through my sexy ways and saw Tia as a person not a piece of ass.

“Nothing is wrong with me. I’m here half naked and you’re asking what is wrong with me?” I wanted to look away so bad, but I knew that he would know.

“What did that dude do LaTia?” He questioned me sternly.

“Let’s not talk about Ron.” I replied.

“Let’s not try and throw pussy my way when I can tell there is obviously something off about you and I know it has something to do with him. What is wrong?” I could tell he was serious.

“He’s been talking back and forth to his ex. It threw me off because I didn’t expect it.”

“Do you know what their conversations consist of?”

“No, but even still that’s not cool.”

“He isn’t your boyfriend and he hasn’t promised to not be in contact with another woman. He may just be cutting loose ends. Don’t jump to conclusions.” I sat in silence and thought about everything he said to me regarding Ron and it made sense. He finished removing his closed and I stood allowed my panties to hit the ground. What was I thinking not absolutely seeing that he cared for me as a person and not just property? I was fucking confused at this point. My mind wanted to love on Ron, but my punani wanted James to murder it. And so …


I yanked the ponytail out of her hair and sucked her earlobes, neck, and lips like it would be my last taste. We wrestled in the Egyptian cotton sheets and I suckled her nipples as she arched back and allowed me to feast. She slid down onto my dick without fear and she gripped it firmly with everything she had. Her arms were thrown over my shoulders, my hands were hold her back and gripping her ass yanking her up then down then up and then down. Her hair would swing this evening and her juices would soak these sheets and …she would moan… loud and proud and she wanted this nigga. She allowed me to fuck her like she needed this nigga. I enjoyed her

BUMP OR DUMP??? Who is the her? Did LaTia let James get to the next level???? Let us know what you think!
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4 thoughts on “Sugar Baby: Allowance Day

  1. Omg okay I think that Tia is torn between the two men. I think that she likes Ron more and could see herself being with him but the fact that he is still communicating with his ex is what’s bothering her. Also, James is older but she does find him attractive and he spoils her, so why would she not have feelings for him. Then I feel like it took her overhearing James having sex with his wife fo her to get jealous and appreciate James. I think Tia let Jamesmove to the next level and I am so excited to see what happens next.

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