Sugar Baby: Getting Caught Up



Caught UP


Her hair would swing this evening and her juices would soak these sheets and… she would moan…loud and proud and she wanted this nigga. She allowed me to fuck her like she needed me and I enjoyed her. I wrapped my arm around her lower back and held on to the back of her neck with the other hand. Tia stared into my eyes as she rode me as I pressed my lips to hers fervently, I wanted to taste every morsel from her lips. I wanted to take something from her that no one else could give me because that something that you see in someone but can’t quite place your finger on, Tia had it. She made me envy Ron; she actually felt something more for him than she did for me. It was youth that she possessed. She could have a major fuck up and bounce back from it without ruining the rest of her life. Her face was vibrant with life and her body held me in tact and I loved the way she felt.
“Why is this so fuckin’ good ma?” I asked. She bit her lip, I pulled her nipple into my mouth, and she came. I watched her eyes roll to the back of her head and enjoy me then I yanked her off of me to cum. we both sit on the bed unable to say anything. she pushed her hair out of her face, stood, and headed to the bathroom starting the shower. She peeked her head out of the bathroom and signaled me to join her. At this moment, Tia was completely bare and amazingly beautiful. The tough girl role she had plastered on her forehead appeared to be washed off for this one moment. I was completely sure this wouldn’t be a normal thing for us and so I followed baby girl to enjoy what more I could get from her. I felt like we had just blazed up and were on a high that I didn’t want to come down from.


I didn’t want this to end. I had poor judgment and had sex with James;great sex–,mind-blowing, passionate sex. The restrictions I had before were for now out the window and I would give him all of me like I had been yearning to do. He stepped in behind me I eased my back on the closed shower walls and he pressed his body onto. I accepted his tongue with pleasure and he lifted me onto him again. He slowly screwed me in that shower until the water spewed cold. pt 1: after the sex, tia keeps thinking about the sex. We washed each other and we got in the bed together sleeping peacefully. I fell straight to sleep; I didn’t want to get into my own head and upset myself. I snuggled in the bed with him and after we awoke, ate breakfast, and dressed we kissed each other goodbye and we headed our separated ways.

My mind begin to spin in so many different directions but I had already completed the action. We sealed the money transfer with sex and I wouldn’t be able to undo it. I paced the floor and Jocelyn watched me.
“What the hell is the issue?”
“I just slept with my fuckin’ sugar daddy! Not my boyfriend or a cut buddy but my sugar daddy!”
“Was it good?” She asked me.
“Honestly, amazing.” I replied.
“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“Not necessarily,but-,”
“Yes or no?”
“Looks like you’ve secured your investment.” Jocelyn replied. I finally sat on the couch to evaluate her thought process. In a way, she had a valid point; I had no commitment to anyone but myself.
“Stop stressing out and that annoying over thinking you love to do.”
“I know.” I dropped the anxiety and changed my focus to Jocelyn and her needs. We were living similar lives minus the sugar daddy but similar. We drank coolers and talked as we always did.

“I’ve missed you as well,” I did and we exchanged looks of admiration and both a look of guilt. We shared a kiss and embraced. We were both trifling but we cared for each other.
“Where you been baby?” I questioned.
“With the bruhs.” He replied immediately.
“You have fun?”
“It went well.” He responded with a slight grin.
“I’m glad to see you had a great weekend.” I smiled at my own weekend.
“How was yours boo?” Ron questioned innocently.
“It was great, I spent time with my best friend and chilled.”
“That’s cool too.”
He sat me in his lap and we recollected the appropriate events of our weekends and then he stared at me with a certain look. It was the look James had given me before we had hellified sex.
“So like when are you going to be officially my woman? I’m ready if you’re ready.”
“I mean it’s only been a short time and I understand the feelings we share…”


Niecy gallivanted around our home as Sophia cleaned spewing Spanish like a Latina. I tried to hide the giddy from Tia but I’m sure I was walking with my chest out. I hadn’t fucked another woman in five years and that was during my separation. Niecey was a bitch by nature but she pleased me often. I headed to the room and turned on ESPN and sipped a beer I pulled from the fridge. Niecy entered the room and didn’t say much to me and I continued to think and relax.
“What are you thinking about sir?” She questioned.
“I’m relaxing baby,”
“Exactly and any other day you look stressed from work.”
“Well, can I relax for once? It’s not like you’re going to make sure that I’m relaxed. You could care less about my happiness much later.”
“Snappy much? Fuck me today huh?”
“Denise get out of my face. Why are you even here? You’re never home when you think I’m going to be gone longer than a few hours,” I responded staring in her face. I wanted her to know I knew her tricky ass ways just as she was assuming she knew mine.
“Watch how you speak to your wife,” she threatened.
“Please don’t try and piss me off because I’m actually in a very pleasant mood. Would you like some money to go shopping?”
“You buy me off now?”
“Anything to shut you up.” I replied sipping the beer. She didn’t say anything else before grabbing her bag and storming away. But before she left, she wanted to piss me off just a little.
“I don’t need your money because I have investments for your money so fuck you and your attitude.” She sashayed out like she won; I let her. I hated my wife. I pulled out my phone to text Tia, but against my better judgment I decided to really relax and catch up on my rest. As a businessman, my mind continued worrying and running. My sleep was few and far between and only up to 3-4 hrs a night from working. I drank, watched ESPN and went to sleep.

“Yo Jay, what’s up baby?” My boy Dion dapped me up.
“What’s good?” I replied. We were waiting on Antoine and Jarvis to meet us at the Buckhead Cigar Bar. Antoine was the friend that was screwing my wife. No one in our group knew about the connection the two of them shared, but Dion and I. We were both disgusted that Toine would even allow himself to stoop that low as to be screwing my wife, but after so long the anger that I once felt dissipated. Initially, I had to stay away from everyone for a while because in the beginning it was as if my brother was taking my wife. I got the PI and they disclosed who the man was and in my office I cried; not few tear drops but cried hard. I can’t recall if it was her I was more sad about or him. I just knew that I was hurt.

“My bad y’all, but I’ve been around all day.” Toine approached the table giving taps to all. We sat and I knew exactly what he had been doing because ever since the fight I had had with Niecy. She had failed to come home for a couple of days and I had completely given up on caring. I was in a great mood, money was coming in, new projects were in the works, and my bitch wife was out fucking my friend. Needless to say, life had been peaceful.

“I’m sure playa.” I responded to him.

“Why you throwing shade though?” He laughed before sitting across from me. We continued to chill and smoke our cigars while reliving and discussing our sex lives. I told the story of being screwed in my office by Niecy and Toine told a story about a “little breezy” he had smashed the other day and Dion looked at me. I ended the conversation short when Tia called me.

“Fellas, this is a business call. Di, I’ll hit you later.” I walked away with Toine mumbling something and cracking up. I wanted to shoot this nigga in his heart, but I continued to handle my anger before I hurt him.


“I think that it’s best that we just keep dating and make sure we don’t see other people.”

“I respect the decisions you make and so that’s perfectly fine with me. You are the one I want to be with and so I’ll wait for you.”

“I’m glad you do.”

“I’ve been gone for the weekend, can I get some of the sweet loving?” He kissed my lips. I stood and took off running so he could catch me.


I sat in the office at my house and I knew that Niecy would return sooner or later. She opened the door to my office to address me.

“I’m home hun,” She stuck her head in.

“Welcome back.” I retorted salty like.

“I know you getting really bold so that means it’s another bitch coming in my territory. Watch her back love.” Niecy stated before closing the door close.

BUMP OR DUMP??? Who is the her? Did LaTia let James get to the next level???? Let us know what you think!


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2 thoughts on “Sugar Baby: Getting Caught Up

  1. Omg so I wonder what’s gonna happen with Toine and James. I’m not sure I think Latvia is catching more feelings for James but I feel like she has more of the upper power because she has not strings attached unlike James. If James leaves his wife its going to be ugly with all the money, businesses and investments. Niecey is triffling to be having sex with his friend though, ugh and he’s not better talking about “a little breezy he smashed”, as if he’s not talking about his friends wife!

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