Man To Man: Birds Of Prey Edition

HesterWelcome to Man to Man where weekly we will discuss issues from a male perspective. In the future, we will discuss everything from sex to how to dress for success. However, given what occurred last night in the Georgia Dome we must talk about the beat down the Falcons put on the hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers 56-14!

The Buccaneers were in trouble in the first quarter. The “Dirty Birds” took the opening drive 70 yards in 7 plays for a touchdown. It started with an opening return of 30 yards by Devin Hester who would turn out to be the star of the game. Atlanta needed to bounce back after being slapped around by the Cincinnati Bengals and managing only 10 points. Matt Ryan had no time in the pocket and threw 3 picks. Last night Ryan was flawless and threw for 286 yards and 3 touchdowns. Julio Jones also showed up and hauled in 9 catches for 161 yards and a couple of scores. It was Hester though that thrilled the hometown crowd by breaking Deion Sanders’ return for touchdown record. Hester would also force a fumble and recover that fumble and score a rushing touchdown also.

This was a complete thrashing. The Falcons had scored 35 points before Tampa recorded a first down! I’m not sure if this is just the worst team in football versus a very good football team. As I told you earlier in the week that until week 6 when they play the Bears; they will play teams that at the time of press still have not won a football game.

When your football team is clicking on all cylinders, offense, defense, and special teams, no one can beat you especially if you don’t turn the ball over and your defense creates turnovers and gives your offense extra possessions. This was a dominating performance and clearly the Falcons made a statement to the NFC south that they are in fact back. They are 2-0 in the division (2-1 overall) and that is when you start talking about a playoff game at home.

High Step

Again, let’s not jump the gun. We will wait and see because the Falcons play so far is up and down. The one thing Atlanta has going for them? Six of their next eight opponents didn’t make the playoffs last year. Beat who they should and play better defense and the Falcons may just prove that last year was an aberration and winning is the norm in the ATL.

On a Man to Man level the exchange between Deion Sanders and Devin Hester was special. We as men need to see more of this; looking out for one another, supporting one another, even if that man surpasses us. It was a beautiful thing to see after two weeks of constantly seeing black players in handcuffs after allegedly beating their girlfriends and children. So to Devin Hester and Deion Sanders, we say thank you.


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TK’s Bio: Terrence Kyrell Hodge I was born 9/13/79, in what was then W. Berlin Germany, to Qualise and Lieutenant Tyrone Hodge of the United States Marine Corps. He lived in London England and graduated from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor in 2000 with BA in English and Political Science. Terrence writes about any and everything. Terrence is planning a series of novels that are works of “faction” part factual (nonfiction) and partly fictional. He plans to bring a dual vision of American and European observation and opinions to PMA. He will bring blunt honesty with a sense of comedy. He says “I will write wherever I’m needed as I am  NOT a one trick pony.”


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