Musical Spotlight: Siergio


Presenting Siergio:

Siergio is a talented, not to mention handsome, R&B singer songwriter that the world is missing out on if they’ve never heard of him. PMA had the chance to have a short and sweet conversation with the entertainer on what’s new for him.

PMA: What do you want readers to know about you? As an artist? Through your music?

Siergio: The inspiration behind all the songs… my focus… my future… just get into my creative mind. I am a singer, songwriter and actor based out of Atlanta, Ga. My music is created to enrich the soul and challenge the mind.

PMA: What is next for you?

Siergio: There is a new single “Chill With You,” that I have coming out today.

PMA: Last question Siergio. Are you single and ready to mingle?

Siergio:Laughs. Yes, I am single. I don’t know about mingling giggles but we can def Chill.

On that note, Siergio has given us, PMA Fashion Week a song for all my fashionista and tailor made men to walk the runway and in which we will premiere NOW:  Siergio’s Single “Chill With You”

ChillWithYou ArtworkSiergio’s quote:

I can’t give up because I still believe in magic” That quote is something that I live by. I never stop, I never give up, I never give in because I believe that the impossible has so many possibilities. I still believe in magic. They call everything impossible until its achieved!

For all of the new fans Siergio has built, find his music here: Siergio Was Here.

Twitter: @Siergio


Instagram: @Siergio




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7 thoughts on “Musical Spotlight: Siergio

  1. Im truly a huge fan of siergios, his music is dope, definitely loving the new single chill with you, hes a star that needs to be heard, this guy is going to be on top!! !Tray Songs And August Watch Out Theres A New Guy In Town By The Name Of Siergio!! ##Lets Get It

  2. So I been rocking with Siergio since 2012 to now 2014. I still listen to is ep Underneath the Covers. I have seen him grow from him being on YouTube doing Siergio Saturdays to him performing on the same stage as Monica in Chicago at Shannon Brown WoodStar festival to him singing at the Steve Harvey Morning Show I am so proud of his accomplishments and his new video called Chill With You . the video and song is dope.

  3. I have to admit this is one of the dopest records I’ve actually heard this year!
    Really like this!
    Just downloaded it to .. Wish it was on iTunes.
    I want to hear more of his stuff

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