What Do Men Really Care About?

IMG_6194What Do Men Really Care About?

Men are simple creatures, but women– not so much. Women overthink everything and feel like men should feel all those crazy thoughts that they have. Women have these “flaws” that they see and think men honestly care about them, but what do men truly consider flaws? PMA is here to present you with facts and misconceptions of what men “really” care about.

Women believe that men actually care that their women always have to have a beat face and fly hair. However, we’ve been informed that men actually feel the opposite most times. Kris (26) tells PMA that, “Too much makeup is actually unattractive. Some men want to see their women’s bare face;that’s when she’s the most gorgeous.” Now ladies, you can tone down caked up faces and actually “wake up like this” without feeling less gorgeous. Men are lovers of simple beauty so make sure you embrace that FACE! Solomon (27) states, “Overall appearance is a must but we just want women who are well dressed and confident.” The most gorgeous accessory is confidence. Be you, bold, and stay true to yourself.


Women are under the assumption that men worry about their body issues while naked, but honestly men are with you and are trying to get in that body! Matthew (25) adds, “Men aren’t worried about physical flaws. Hell, we are worried about unnecessary nagging.” Ladies, the next time you want to nag, strip down to that birthday suit and then finish nagging. Ok, ok try to minimize the nagging and communicate with your man. My mantra is “You can’t raise them and f*ck them! That’s incest!” Men don’t need mothers at home, but strong women to support them.

Women think that men are staring at them as if they are irrational. Most girlfriends are crazy but that’s not why the man is staring. Again, Matt states, “Men just want to be appreciated especially if they are a good man.” There you have it, men are looking for women who do not require too much headache. If there’s a good man in your corner, make him feel appreciated.

Women think that all men cheat. Everyone has cheated before but what does that mean? It means that not everyone you’re dating will be inviting inappropriate text messages into their phones, but that men need to be enthralled, excited, and never left to have another chick do your job. Now to clear up the messy chick logical thinking; PMA is just being realistic about the sexual situation. When women slip, men try and fill the void of the woman they’re with. But be fair and take responsibility for the actions that may have caused the infidelity, but be advised that cheating is bullsh*t.

These are just a few misconceptions of what women think men care about. The reality is men aren’t focused on superficial bullsh*t unless they are just shallow and think they’re more amazing than they really are. But usually men just want to be respected, appreciated, and sadly screwed on a regular basis. Now of course they have a specific “type” of woman they see themselves with so make sure you as that woman live up to it and make sure he’s the man for you.


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