Music Monday: Review of Jessie J’s “Sweet Talker”

IMG_6207“Sweet Talker” Review by TK

Hello ladies and gents. I hope that you have missed me as much as I have missed connecting with you. It’s been a minute and while we were away London’s own Jessie J released her 3rd studio album “Sweet Talker.” I want it to be stated clearly again that PMA is NOT a gossip blog, we do NOT dish in dirt or slander no matter how big the “Scandal” (LOL) or the star. Jessica Ellen Cornish felt that she had to flee my beloved United Kingdom because, and if I am to be honest, the Brits are a bunch of gossip mongers. Jessie wants to be appreciated for her voice, not who or which gender she took to bed last night. Sad, that she felt she had to flee her home to be taken seriously, perhaps that’s why she did something that I am going to blast her for later.


By now, you’ve all seen Jessie J. Either you remember that performance on the MTV Video Awards, or I’ve already given you a taste in “The British Are Coming…Again.” Although Jessie is relatively new to the American audience, as I pointed out with Marsha, you know her music. She wrote “Party In The USA” We know her and love her back home in England. However, as Rakim once said, “It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.” Presently, our Jessie is living in Los Angeles.She hasn’t had it easy but she’s made it, perhaps one day we’ll do a feature on her and I will tell you her story because it is amazing, but this is about the album…So off we go.

Since you may not have heard Jessie’s past work (her first two albums were released in the UK the 2nd “Who You Are” was later released in the US) I’ll tell you she went to the same school (BRIT School) as Adele and Amy Winehouse. Simply put, the woman has pipes and she uses them! Her voice is actually a mix of the aforementioned two schoolmates. The soul that comes out of the British white woman is actually shameful to American singers, or it should be. They have actually realized it’s an art and they treat it as so. Which is why I am so disappointed with this album.

It’s not a bad album, but Jessie J is better than this. I get that America is where the money is. Prior to this, her first 2 albums sold 8 million worldwide, never reaching an American audience. “Sweet Talker” has already sold 25 million copies, largely due to “Bang Bang” and preorders. I’m not saying don’t go buy the album, it’s good. I am saying that her core audience (us Brits) will notice that she’s lost her edge, or maybe her way. They have turned my Jessie from a soul singer into a pop star and that breaks my heart. (She calls her fans Heartbeats, Jessie had heart problems that could’ve killed her as a child).


It’s a raunchy, naughty, even dirty album (by British standards) but in the ratchet culture that has become the norm in the US; it’s awesome. I know it sounds like I am crushing her, a Brit, when I have clearly shown that I have a bias to what I hear more, just as you may think JHud and Fantasia are the because that’s who is on the radio. Although, with YouTube you really can find any artist that you want. Jessie’s first album alone has more YouTube hits than there are Americans. I also have to admit that I am also not happy with Jessie, herself. If you preordered “Sweet Talker” on ITunes, you got a free download of a one of the singles. Artists often do this, when I preordered Marsha Ambrosius’ album I got one of her singles. So, why am I upset with Jessie? This feature was only available to the American audience, not the people that actually made “Bang Bang” #1 within 2 hours of it being released in the UK. When you go to the Prom, you leave with the date you came with Jessie. When the fickle American audience tires of you, and they do, you core audience won’t.

So, now that I have trashed Jessie let’s see if I can tell you why you should spend your hard earned money on her. As I stated, she can flat out sing. I mean, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Marsha Ambrosius, and Joss Stone SING. Her talent and song writing are better than (cover your eyes) Beyoncé, not yet an Adele, or dare I say Marsha, but she has let you all into her world–her life. Sharing your pain is as old as Dostoyevsky. It has somehow, becomes an art form and when in Rome… Aside from “Bang Bang,” there are great songs on this album, and a mixed bag of ballads and dance tracks, and of course hip hop. “Seal Me With Me A Kiss” it samples Parliament, but it’s a pop song with De La Soul in it! I know that sounds weird but it actually works. “Sweet Talker” is actually a to put it delicately is a FOREPLAY song and one of the few written by Jessie.

Perhaps, that’s why I am a little let down. For a woman that wrote songs like “Party In The USA” and has left the UK to party in the States, they didn’t let her write on her big American debut album. The album was supposed to make her a star, she was better off being about the music. If you write and sing it, they will come. If you force them, they will run. I love this woman’s body of work. It’s getting a good rating from me because she proves to the masses that she can BLOW, but her label BLEW it. Pulling Pharrell off the project was a mistake, and rushing the album because she has talent was the biggest mistake. They didn’t let her showcase ALL of herself and that is what they do in America Jessie. They take you and use you and then they replace you. Jessie was touted to fill the Sweet Talker
void left by Adele and bridge the gap between Beyoncé and Katy Perry, sadly it didn’t work. Outside of “Bang Bang” I liked “Seal Me With A Kiss.”

TK’s Rating **** out of 5 (admittedly it’s a ***) I just couldn’t do that to an artist that has so much talent.

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