TK’s Take On NFL Week 7


TK’s Take on NFL Week 7

I am so happy to be back bringing you the developments in the NFL since we were last together for my take on the games. As the season will reach the midway point next week, there are some causes for concern for some teams, elation for others, and sadly, some teams are so abysmal that they are already looking to next season although they can never say that publicly. This was a historical week in the NFL, and being a history buff this made this week extra special for me. Without further preamble, let’s get to it.

You cannot talk about anything in the NFL this week without talking about Peyton Manning and his record breaking performance Sunday night in Denver. Last night Manning set the all time career passing touchdowns surpassing future hall of famer Brett Favre’s mark of 508, and finished last night having 510 touchdowns. Manning did this 56 games faster than Favre and while Favre had the consecutive starts streak that ended at 297 (321 including playoffs). Manning missed an entire season with a neck injury and a diminished arm. That’s what makes what Manning has accomplished astounding. This record will grow, and we are not sure when Peyton will decide that he can no longer play at a high level. I’m still sore over how he was treated in Indianapolis. Irsay owed Manning more, but this is a business and Manning seems to be okay with how his life has played out. Peyton Manning is my favorite football player of ALL time. What a great time to be alive.


Speaking of record breaking, how ’bout them Cowboys? More importantly, how about the beast that is DeMarco Murray? Murray set his own record on Sunday afternoon, something that we would’ve put first had it not been for Manning. Murray is the first back in NFL history to start a season with 7consecutive 100+ yards rushing supplanting the iconic Jim Brown. Favre’s record was broken 2 years after it was set, Brown’s record was broken by Murray that stood for 56 years. Murray currently leads the NFL with 913 yards (my birthday); Foster of the Texans is 2nd with 615 yards. Murray has more rushing yards than every other team in the NFL except the Seattle Seahawks who have a total of 920 yards rushing. He is outrunning ENTIRE teams. He’s reminding me of Eric Dickerson with his running style, avoiding the big hits, and running high once he gets out in the open. He could catch the single season record held by Dickerson, if he can stay healthy, something he has yet to do thus far in his career. As a Cowboys fan who thought they would be a disaster, I am happy to be eating crow.

People are saying that Dallas and Denver are the best two teams in the league. So where does that leave the remaining 30 teams? Uneasy is the head that wears the crown. Seattle, a team people thought were a lock for the NFC championship, is baffling right now, as are the New England Patriots. Seattle traded Percy Harvin on Friday and then went to St. Louis and lost, trick play or not. The Patriots were outplayed but beat an inept Jets team. San Francisco looked like they quit on coach Harbaugh in Denver, and San Diego lost to the Chiefs, perhaps overlooking them in anticipation of playing Denver next week. Philadelphia was on a bye and the Saints defense played as if they were on one. Cincinnati was shut out in Indy, Cleveland lost to Jacksonville after finally beating the Steelers on their last outing. Washington (we will NEVER use their nickname) won but only after benching Curt Cousins for Colt McCoy of all people! Aaron Rodgers looked to be perfectly justified in telling Packers fans to “R-E-L-A-X,” and I no longer have a clue who or what is wrong with the Falcons or Bears.


On any given Sunday, anyone can be beaten. You have to have consistent play, low turnovers and penalties, and some luck to win a Superbowl. You have a call go one way and your team isn’t mentally tough and things can fall apart. Discourse in the locker room, off the field distractions, or a bad injury to a key player or players can ruin a season. Finally figuring out who you are at the right time, having a weaker schedule because you stunk last year, and a rookie stepping up or a free agent pick up and you are a Superbowl contender. It’s why we love the NFL and football. You don’t have long laborious seasons where a 2-4 game skid is meaningless. Losing cannot happen or you can’t go to the dance. Week in and week out, you have to close ranks and stay together and it could happen, that ride that the Baltimore Ravens and Ray Lewis took us on 2 years ago. Lewis wasn’t supposed to, wasn’t expected to return from an injury, he did. When he returned, he also announced (like Michael Jackson) that this was it, after that season, he was done. They were a wild card team, had 1 playoff game at home, shouldn’t have beaten Denver, and outplayed Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, beat a more talented San Francisco 49er team, survived Beyoncé turning the lights out, and won the Superbowl. Sometimes you’re a team of destiny and nothing or no one can stop you.

Falcons fans, I don’t know what to tell you aside from the fact that you have a talented football team and you’re a hot mess at the same time (no shade I’m a Cowboys fan). The inconsistent plays, the mistakes, the lack of big plays on offense, defense, and special teams, you cannot win this way. I don’t know which team is going to show up week to week. No one is talking about you and how under performing and underachieving you are because bigger favorites are floundering too, or your head coach and or GM could be on a hot seat. I guess that’s what you can call your silver lining.

Photo credit: The Mind Of Manning-GQ
DeMarco Murray-ESPN
Peyton Manning-AP

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