Man to Man: Dress for Success

Roc A Fella CEO Jay Z

Dress For Success

Let me begin by saying that I know that before my arrival PMA was a blog that mostly catered to a female audience. As we try to attract the male readers, we have to cover things that appeal to men. I believe we are well on our way to being a place where there’s something for everyone. Having said that, men may be thinking that “fashion” is a female thing. Oh brother, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Today’s world is nothing like it was before the Internet. I often tell kids that I speak to, I feel similar to how I think people must’ve felt prior to having television, or even telephones. Today things are instant. These days no matter where you are in the technologized world, you’re aware something almost the instant it happens. So when my young brothers see Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Colin Kaepernick, and Lebron James, they see success and want to emulate these men.


There is NOTHING wrong with that. However, let me be clear. With the exception of Jay Z, the rest of these men are not known for what they wear as they are rarely on the red carpet. Young men, you cannot show up to a job interview in Dickies and a Tshirt. You will have some of our social
media “black leaders” calling you names like “negropean” or sellout because you excel in the corporate world. It angers me because it continues to be a breeding ground of self hate in the black community. It’s a hatred that has plagued our race since slavery. If you were light skinned and worked in the house, the field slaves hated you. We have to get past that, but that is for another article.


If you own a suit, and it’s only for funerals and church, you’re failing. If you have tattoos all over your arms, face, and neck, who do you think is going to hire you? If you don’t have some crazy, insane athletic ability, what is your way out of poverty, or the “hood”? For me that answer was and always will be EDUCATION. In the past your college degree meant you were getting a job, today that’s not the case. You have to be able to sell yourself ahead of all the other completion. Your wardrobe cannot just consist of jeans, hoodies, Jordans, and Timbs.

On the flip side, you don’t have to be drenched in Armani (my favorite designer) at all times either. Business casual, khakis, polo shirts, and sensible footwear is a must. There are thousands of people who complain about going on job interviews and never getting a job. I started my career in a call center where it didn’t matter what you wore; who could see you? The reward for performance was the ability to dress down. You are not already at the top, therefore you cannot dress any old kind of way. I will defend ANY one that has a problem with employers who tell you how you must wear your hair, your attire is a whole other matter.


The street corner is not the office brother. Learn how to tie a neck and bowtie and own a few suits. Times are hard, there is no shame for buying off the rack if that is what your income can afford. However, if you have on Polo jeans, Jordans, and any shirt that costs more than $25.00, you have enough coin to purchase a suit. We have to do better. It starts with not name calling because someone is different or chooses to dress professionally. They are NO LESS black because they are not tattooed from head to toe and are wearing a suit and tie to work. That’s misery loving company and the crablike mentality of the black race, “If I cannot get out, neither will you.”


I’m not going to tell you what designer you should wear because if we’re being honest, we all can’t afford Armani, D&G, or Versace. What I will tell you is this: Showing up in a baseball cap, jeans, sneakers for an interview will not cut it. Again, if you can afford the J’s, you can afford better clothing. This is meant to help the brother who never had someone to teach them what it meant to get dressed. We have to do better, we are becoming the lowest minority only to the Native Americans, the young black man is in danger of becoming extinct.

Jay Z in Yankees Hat
Jay Z in suit -GQ
Dre-Rolling Stone
Both Colin Kaepernick-AP
LeBron James-Sports Illustrated (SI)

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