TK’s Take on Falcons and Football in England

 TK’s Take on Falcons and Football in England 
This morning the Atlanta Falcons along with the Detroit Lions made NFL history. Nothing either team did was spectacular, they were just the first teams in a game that started at 9:30 am on the east coast. I feel bad for west coast fans that had to get up at 6:30 to watch this horrid game. Although I’m sure that when the NFL booked this game, they thought this would be a good game. You know what they say about good intentions?
The Falcons, jumped out to a 21-0 lead and then gave up 22 unanswered points to lose their 5th game in a row. It was also the biggest lead the “Dirty Birds” had ever blown to lose. Atlanta must now accept that their season is over. With all the weapons on this team, all of them healthy, and Detroit had no Megatron, (Calvin Johnson) no Reggie Bush and all three tight ends being hurt, Atlanta should’ve won this game.
London game SteveFlynn USA Today Sports
The Falcons are frauds, today we learned that for certain. The only bright spot for Atlanta in this game was Steven Jackson eclipsing 11,000 rushing yards (10,000 of them as a St. Louis Rams) Detroit is struggling but they have heart. They’ve been hit the hardest by the injury bug but they have no quit in them. They could’ve easily folded and no one would blame them because Stafford’s weapons are all hurt. I’m not sure who the Lions are, but if they can hang in until their guys can get healthy, they may have something here.
Steven Jackson
As far as London, my home, and American football goes, the American fan would be surprised. There are a great deal of Americans living in the UK. However, their are some Brits who also like American football. It’s their Rugby with pads. (In that regard we are soft) A game at Wembley Stadium (usually used as a Football (soccer) pitch) will see EVERY team represented in the stands as fans show up in their teams jersey no matter who is playing. Once the game starts it’s a party. Unlike the soccer games, there’s no singing, but the beer or Guiness stout is flowing and the chanting never ends. It’s a beautiful sight to see, and I’ll share it with you when my Cowboys play here vs. Jacksonville Jaguars.
London, will have more Cowboys fans than any other as a group of fans @UKCowboysFans who bought a block of tickets as soon as they were made available. I have said that since the American public wants to claim the Denver Broncos as America’s team, so be it. Dallas is, was, and ALWAYS will be the United Kingdom’s team.
God Save The Queen! God Bless America, same song…

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TK’s Bio: Terrence Kyrell Hodge I was born 9/13/79, in what was then W. Berlin Germany, to Qualise and Lieutenant Tyrone Hodge of the United States Marine Corps. He lived in London England and graduated from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor in 2000 with BA in English and Political Science. Terrence writes about any and everything. Terrence is planning a series of novels that are works of “faction” part factual (nonfiction) and partly fictional. He plans to bring a dual vision of American and European observation and opinions to PMA. He will bring blunt honesty with a sense of comedy. He says “I will write wherever I’m needed as I am  NOT a one trick pony.


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