TK’s Take On NFL Week 8

TK’s Take on NFL Week 8

How ‘Bout Them Cowboys? I’ve been waiting all season to lead with my favorite team. How long have I been a Dallas Cowboys fan? Let’s just say that if it were left solely up to my father, I would be TD Hodge (Tony Dorsett) I have the team helmet and star tattooed on my body. No matter what I do or where I go in life, the Dallas Cowboys go with me. So what happened? They lost a tough division game, and the defense which was thought to be historically bad, finally got exposed because Garrett let the media limit DeMarco Murray’s carries Murray has outrushed the ENTIRE NFL with 1,054 yards. The Seattle Seahawks as a team have 1,039 yards, and Arian Foster has 766.  In the game versus Washington he only had 19 carries but still amassed 140+ yards rushing (over 220 yards from scrimmage) and his historical season continues. Murray is the fastest rusher to eclipse 1,000 yards and he is the first running back to rush for 100+ yards in 8 straight games.
Speaking of continuing a record breaking season, every time Peyton Manning throws a touchdown, the career record for touchdown passes increases. Manning threw another 3 touchdowns (all to Emanuel Sanders) on Thursday night versus a tough San Diego chargers team. Manning the Machine had time to scold the scoreboard keeper for pumping up the crowd while Denver had the ball. You need your personnel to hear you, you get loud to disrupt the other team. Now you see why 1st in line to the Hodge Dynasty is named Peyton Roger Hodge.
The Pittsburgh Steelers shocked the entire NFL by beating the snot out of an Indianapolis team that was ranked 3rd in most power rankings (I had them ranked 5th) Roethlisberger went 40-49 for 522 yards and 6 (six!) touchdowns. It’s a quarterbacks league ladies and gents. Tom Brady went 30-35 for 354 yards and 5 touchdowns. New England, who had been left for dead by some, put up 51 on the Bears at home. The Steelers also hung 51 on the Colts at home. The bigger surprise? Indy allowing someone to drop the nickel on them,Roethlisberger and Brady looked like they were playing in the backyard with their kids. Geno Smith, he should be somewhere playing in the backyard with kids. Your boy finally lost his starting job after going 2-8 for 5 yards and 3 interceptions. How do you complete more passes to your opponent than your own team? If the Jets think their answer is Michael Vick, you are in even more trouble than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars.
NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos
In the Battle of The Birds, the Eagles lost to the prettier bird the Arizona Cardinals, the Ravens and Falcons both lost. Philadelphia versus Arizona was a great game to watch as it went down to the wire. The defending Superbowl champion Seahawks? They beat a sorry Carolina Panther team 13-9. I’m not sure what the heck is wrong with this football team. They’ve gone from favorites in the NFC to a divided locker room and no Legion of Boom has been sighted in weeks. Aaron Rodgers was on a roll after telling the Packer backers to R-E-L-A-X now someone needs to tell his defense to T-A-C-K-L-E. The Saints win in New Orleans, but this was a spanking 23-44. You cannot win giving up 44 points.
 NFL: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos
This season has been whoever shows up ready to play this week, that’s who will win. The only two teams in the NFL that have clearly defined who they are have been the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals. The Dallas Cowboys can get right back in the mix if they bounce back and start winning football games again. We know they can string together wins, but if they have no Romo, it’s a done deal. The Detroit Lions are a complete fraud atop their division. I thought London would need rain to wash away the stink that the Lions and Falcons left after their game. How bad are the Falcons? Their website had the dirty birds playing in Barcelona Spain. While Spain is in Europe, (on the Iberian Peninsula) it’s not even in the same time zone as my beloved England. C’mon Man.
Photo credit:
Cardinals-Sport Illustrated (SI)
Peyton Manning-USA TODAY
Emanuel Sanders-AP
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