Sugar Baby: Scandal



All I ever wanted was a career, a child, my wife, and happiness; Niecy had destroyed me. I didn’t look to Tia to fix me, but damn her touch felt right.



“Is this everything you ever wanted?” James kissed Denise the night of their wedding; after the jumping of the broom, the first dance, the lovemaking, and the “I do’s.”

“It’s everything that I needed, but if I thought I’d have it is the question.” Denise spoke truthfully; her statement through James for a loop.

“What do you mean?” He questioned staring into her eyes.

“I was in love with someone who loved me back but he always had an issue and he couldn’t commit completely. I wanted all that you have given me and more, but did I think I was going to get it? No. The man that loved me, loved me well and I loved him so much that I would sacrifice a “normal” life just to be with him. But this is more than any man would give me and I promise you that I will forever be loyal to you.” He pressed his lips to her.

“I will take care of you and our future for the rest of your life as long as you are loyal to me.” He responded. The two were bound together by chance and wanted their love to take them to new heights. Both were products of broken homes, but James knew what type of man he wanted to be. Denise was along for the ride.


James didn’t understand then what he understood now. Her statement of loyalty was about loyalty; never once did Niecy plan to love him for life, but rather be a part of the life he would build for her. She did grow to love him, but her heart was never intended for James. It was always intended for another man and these small flashbacks were starting to remind him of all the overlooking he did in the past.



“Why haven’t I heard from you baby girl?” He stood firm, tall, and sexy. His jaw clenched, he had a fresh line up, and his eyes pierced into Tia’s eyes. He wore those charcoal gray slacks I loved, with a white button down, matching charcoal gray vest, and a maroon and gray tie.

“I thought you wanted your space.” I responded slightly turned on by his seriousness.

“I want to hear from no one but you.” His lips parted and it was as I watched the words come out of his mouth. The office was open but no one arrived for another hour and a half. I was summoned by James and I crawled out of bed through my Zumba exhaustion and paper work to be with my sugar daddy.

“I apologize.” I spoke to him. He had requested I wear a tan high-waisted pencil skirt, white mesh top, the red bottoms he purchased, and my Ruby Woo lipstick. He walked over to me and closed his blinds, but I could see the pain and the anger in his eyes. He wanted to eat his pain away; by eat I meant me.

“I want you to let me devour you on this desk right now.” He stated clear as day.

“No.” I folded my arms and let him marinate on my answer.

“What?” He responded.

“No!” I restated.

“You don’t tell me no. What did you say?”

“You heard me. I did not get out of my fuckin’ bed for you to demand to eat my pussy the same place you were fuckin’ your wife weeks ago. I understand you’re hurting, but understand I am the only woman in your life that has done absolutely nothing but support you thus far. I come when I’m called and I don’t want to be fucking degraded because you are on some ‘my wife ain’t shit’ bullshit. I’m sorry. I love you, but I am a person as well. I have completely neglected Ron to be with you because I want support you but not this way.” I retorted angrily. Not thinking. I was confused at my own thoughts.

“Love?” He repeated.

“Did you need anything this morning?” I asked ignoring him.

“Love?” He restated. His eyes were softened on me.

“I guess you just wanted to talk to me and treat me any kind of way. I bought you Starbucks and breakfast boss.” I picked the bag up and sat the coffee on his desk and began toward the door.

“Baby, please don’t leave me right now. I did need you this morning.” I wanted so bad to feed him, but we needed to play smart. Denise was looking for any reason to get back in good and hold something over his head. It was my job to keep us covered and secretive as well as safely removed from one another in the office like always. It was my job to keep him in line. It really was not, but it was at the same time. I wanted him to understand that loyalty came with love. I didn’t know where this woman in me came from but he grew me up fast dealing with his dysfunctional ass.

“I have to go. I will be back at lunch time like normal. I have all of the same classes on the this like I always do and I don’t want you blowing me, running off at the mouth, or fucking up our lives together. We aren’t “free” because your wife is slut. I need you to think and act accordingly.” I didn’t turn around to see the look on his faith. I slipped through the front door of the office and headed to class.


I walked through the courtyard after my classroom debate to find Ron hugged up with Jessica Fox. She was the leader of the “Dancing Doll” for the university. He had been avoiding me like the plague since I let him know that I didn’t want a relationship and here it was in my face. I looked at them both, smiled, and kept it moving. He was the least of my worries; did I miss his kisses and his conversation? Yes, but did I bow to a bitch? No. I wanted to look back at my Ron, but refused. When I finally made it to the Student Center, I entered the bathroom stall and sat just taking everything in. My life was in stressful positions and in reality my life was amazing. I had a gpa I always wanted, I was excelling in my classes, the money I was making on top of James’s allowance was great and worth it. My closet was growing with stylish name brand pieces and I was getting dicked from two amazing men. One man was young and ready for love and one was matured, sexy, bank, but full of drama. One man I loved to chill and be “normal” with and the other man I loved and wanted but he had a WHOLE Wife. I stuttered the words I love you and now I didn’t know what the hell would come of my life. So for me personally, a nigga was good, but for her “men” not so much.

What’s up? Ron text messaged me.

We’re good Ron. I know I don’t want to commit and you are looking for a bitch to replace me with.” I replied immediately.

Are we done? He questioned me.

You’re the one with your panties in a bunch. You decide, I don’t have time to make a man want to be deal with my decisions.

Heard. I’m not fucking J. He responded.

Doesn’t matter. Are we through? I asked.

Nah, I want you. I smiled at his foolishness.

I’ll text you later. I am on my way to the office.

Have a good day baby.

Ron was predictable and safe. He wanted a girlfriend and I just… I don’t know. I’m the girl that every chick hates. You know? The chick that gets approached by the good guy but wants to fuck the married man who has trust and emotional issues; that’s me. That is why I didn’t play “relationship” hide and seek because a nigga like me wasn’t very emotional. I wasn’t reliable. I wasn’t a good girlfriend for the safe and familiar. I had this idea that I would be Beyoncé and my man would be Hova. I had this idea that I would be Jada and my man would be Will Smith. I was against being a home wrecker and so I did have an issue with being a mistress but I didn’t know when this shit changed on me. I was not going to say it wasn’t me but I was not going to act like it wasn’t either. I fell in love with a married man and fell in like with someone just as normal as I thought I was.


I walked into that office with my shades on, hair down, and my red bottoms. Every bitch looked at me including Denise and I continued to my cubicle.

“She hates you by the way.” My girl Kelly sat on the edge of my desk.

“I love it.” I responded. My work day had started.


She was absolutely correct; I had to pull myself together and run my life accordingly. I was not only a man with a slut wife, but I was a boss, friend, and I had one reliable person that was sticking it out with me through the bullshit she didn’t sign up for. She left me high and dry and I respected her for that because I was out of line. The moment she walked out of the office and headed to school, I ate my breakfast and started my day over. I ordered her a Michael Khor bag because she handled me. It was sad that she reminded of my wife in so many ways; a younger version with much more sense but Niecy all day. She was smart, motivated and kept me level headed. As soon as she left Niecy appeared in the door of my office; my heart stopped as I would have been devouring Tia.

“Good morning.” I mumbled to her.

“Let me make it up to you.” She walked over to me and turned the chair to face her. My Johnson was in her mouth before I could even tell her to stop. It was the sexual release I needed. I didn’t deny her doing all the nasty necessary shit she did while the office was quiet. I appreciated her being down to get down on her knees. But just like a chick in her feelings, when she finished all I could think of was Toine busting in her mouth like I had. I kept thinking about all the nasty necessary shit she did to him on his hard days. The moment she left the office, the bitch was out of sight and out of mind. I stayed to myself and continued to work. I desperately waited for 12 to see Tia strut into the office and for Denise to see her. The outfit I demanded Tia to wear wasn’t anything that would make Denise go off out loud but I knew that she’d hate to see another woman better dressed or dressed just as nice as she. Tia walked into the building with her shade, those red bottoms, and an attitude. I loved to watch her demand a room; the men gawked, the women snared, and Denise rolled her eyes so hard they almost fell out of head. Denise wore a tight fitting red and black wrap dress with her Michael Khor black winter boots; her hair was in a bun and she knew she would be the finest woman in the building until she saw Tia. I stepped out and acted as if I were going over files with Bryant to listen to what my wife had to say to my mistress.

“You look amazing girl.” Denise complimented her falsely.

“Thanks.” Tia knew exactly what to do to piss her off further.

“Are those red bottoms?”

“These? Yes, my grandmother, aunt, and mother decided to give them to me for a birthday slash congratulations gift. I was so surprised because I’m not really a flashy type of girl. I would rather the money go toward tuition.” She responded looking directly in Denise’s eyes. She lied like it was nothing, hell, I was even convinced that I hadn’t bought them expensive ass shoes.

“You are quite the surprise Tia.” Denise believed her.

“How so?” She questioned her.

“I would have thought you were one of those young girls who were running around and just spending your refund check on things like that.” Tia chuckled at her response. Denise was trying to make her change character to have a reason to dislike her but didn’t budge.

“No, I have sense. I grew up with what my mother could offer me and the best thing that I can offer her back is a great education, will power, a great work ethic, and my mind to get to where I’m trying to be. See there are two different types of college girls: loose girls who party and lose themselves and then there are what Shonda Rhimes calls “gladiators,” I am definitely, without a doubt, a gladiator.” Her sweet face never altered and her voice was sincere. Denise would hate her in the end, but I loved everything about Tia. Denise smiled subtly and then walked a little closer to her, “I like you Tia. You remind me of myself. I think that if you continue to be this sweet, determined young woman that I could have you working right beside myself. I want you to be my little protégé.” Tia extended her hand and shook it.

“I’m all in.” What had just happen was beyond me but she was damn smart. She was going to make Denise an ally and god knew how that would end. Denise pranced away from her and I continued to act as if I were working.

“You can stop ear hustlin’ sir.” She whispered. I winked at her and strolled back to my office.

. Entering the office, I picked up the phone to dial Tia’s extension.

“It took you all of forty-five seconds to call me. You must have something riveting to say,” She joked.

“What are you doing?” I asked sternly.

“I am playing fire with fire. I am plotting and looking for a kill. I have to protect me because though you appreciate me doesn’t mean she does. She thinks she’s smarter and wiser than me, but she’s not.” She responded.

“Be careful.” I responded.

“You be careful. You’re fucking me.” She snickered.


The weeks were sliding by as Denise showed me every trick of the trade in the business of being James’s business partner. She damn near trained me to be her. I had been working every day and night to balance the books, finish my homework for class, and out dressing, styling, and smarting Niecy. I was due a day off from everything James incorporated. Ron and I decided to spend a weekend together; I had been working and studying so hard that I had to fit my boo Ron in whenever I had a chance. Within those weeks of getting to know Denise, I had neglected my sexual needs. This weekend would rejuvenate my entire body and I needed it. Ron walked into the apartment wearing jeans, a tan pull over, some Timbs and a hat; he was the typical college male. He was still sexy as hell with his brown eyes, short cut, and pink lips. I wore a tight fitted nude dress, white blazer, and nude pumps for our date. I knew how to make him beg for it. I would have to admit that James taught me about my sexuality; he taught me the art of being in control of a lot of things without tapping into the emotions women usually tap into. He taught me to dress like I ran shit, talk, walk, and act like I was the only woman in the room that had it altogether. Between Denise and James, I had turned into this woman I was. Before I was powerful, but childish; I yearned for childish things. I wanted to be smart and that was it; I didn’t think of the type of power I could have if I played my cards right. I didn’t wrong people like Niecy, I made sure to help the girls who were working with me, I moved out of the way and allowed them to get some of the shine. I didn’t come to work flashy every day and I didn’t bother to give James attention. I had started this journey to try and better my finances and ended up learning way more than I had anticipated and was in a very fragile point in my career. If I were still the little girl in the coffee shop lusting over an older married man, I wouldn’t have the kind of money I have stashed away. I wouldn’t be working in a position making more money, and I wouldn’t be making sure I was straight into the shit hit the fan. I wasn’t stupid; I knew something was bound to happen, but I didn’t know when. But back to Ron and I, we headed to the Sun Dial to have an early lunch. He wasn’t dressed appropriately and it pissed me off immediately. You cannot be someone that people respect in an establishment dressed inappropriately. We finished our meal and as we were walking out, James and Denise were walking. Denise was fly in her black pencil skirt and fuschia blouse and stilettos. Her hair was curly, her makeup was on point and her man was gorgeous as always. He wore an all blue suit, white and tan striped shirt with a matching tie. I could always tell when he got a line up and they stopped us.

“Hey Tia. How are you today? How crazy is it that we still catch you on an off day?”

“Hey Mr. and Mrs. Davenport. Yes, I can never get away from you all.” I chuckled.

“Is this your boyfriend?” Denise questioned me. I froze; if I called him my boyfriend he’d love it, if I called him my friend he would be pissed. I didn’t really know what to do say.

“That’s Ron right?” James jumped in with a serious look on his face extending his hand.

“Oh, I didn’t know you knew of him James.” Denise retorted.

“Yes, she was talking with some of the girls and I the other day in the break room and they were all talking about their dates and whatnot. You know how we all be relaxing after a long days work.” It was true, James was in tune with every college student’s business and they all loved him; men and women. He was cool and a great leader without the fake expectations. He was like a good ass high school teacher; all the girls wanted him and all the guys talked sports and women with him. It was quite believable that that could have happened.

“Well, is he your boyfriend or?” Denise pushed the issue wanting me to give her an answer.

“Mr. and Mrs. Davenport, I am getting your table together now.” One of the waiters interjected saving me.

“We’re dating. I do have a voice to speak with myself.” Ron pulled me closer to his side and kissed my forehead as he towered over me.

“Oh well, excuse me.”

Denise chuckled. Ron looked at the way that James stared at me because not once did James look at Ron if only for a moment. James stared at me; Denise didn’t even notice that James hadn’t greeted Ron in the way she had.

“Well, I’m going to let you guys enjoy your day.” I broke the silence.

“We will both see you tomorrow.” James stated before taking Denise’s hand and headed to their designated table. We both got into the car silently, my mind on James when Ron broke the silence.

“What the fuck is up with your boss yo?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“He stares at you like he wants you.”

“That woman was his wife Ron, chill.” I answered truthfully.

“Just because that chick is his wife doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you.” He retorted.

“Whatever. “

“That’s the reason your ass working those late hours and shit. Trying fuck your boss.”

“You better watch your motherfucking mouth. I don’t have to answer to you or your insecure ass assumptions. I am in this car with you about to fuck you when we get home. Please light skin man, get all the way out of your feelings for you ruin the moment.”

He was seething with anger and we finished riding in the car. I had been a tad bit disrespectful when responding to him and it was because of the guilt. Every time I tried to leave Ron alone, he always came back. I should have just let him go on about his business so he wouldn’t get hurt.

“Baby, I’m sorry for being disrespectful. I am not fucking my boss.” I spoke up.

“It’s all good.” I could tell he was upset. I simply went to the apartment and took all my clothes off.

“Why would I need him when I want you?” I smiled. I was butt naked in my pumps waiting him to take the bait. He sat on the couch smirking at me; I pushed him back and mounted him on the couch. We begin to kiss, our kiss deepened and before I knew it we were both making love on the couch. He had me on my knees hanging over the side of the couch with my hands holding me up and him gripping my hips. He felt so good; sex was always the way to solve our issues. I didn’t want to be with him but I damn sure didn’t want to lose the extra cake on the side.

“Whose is it?” He gripped my ass and thrust in me deep.With every thrust, I would push my hips deeper into it to receive all of the ecstasy that I could. He pulled my hair, smacked me on my ass, and bit my shoulder. After we both lay there heaving back and forth, I decided to go run a shower for us. It was all worth it and I wanted to lay under the warm water and relax.

“Tia, there’s a call for you.” Ron yelled to me.

“Who is it?” I called but then quickly entered the living room.

“It was your boss so I answered it and didn’t say anything. Conveniently, he said what’s up baby? So I’m guessing you’re a fucking liar.”

“What?” I said.

“You must be a fucking liar. You heard me.” He stated before beginning to dress. I didn’t cry and I should’ve, but I couldn’t and I wouldn’t. 

“So what commitment do we have to each other? What did I say when you were hugged up with old girl? Nothing, I said nothing at all.” I stated. He continued to get dress and I couldn’t stop him. I didn’t want to. 

 “I guess you’ve been trying to turn me down lightly. I should have just listened when you gave me the hint.” As he dressed, I begin to think of the name that was saved in my phone. I picked up my phone and it was from our secret line. The name in my phone wasn’t saved as ‘James’, ‘boss’ or anything that would point to James. His name in my phone was ‘”Levels” because in this game we were in that is exactly what it took. 

“Ron, I am not fucking my boss. I don’t even know why you’re even assuming that it was him.” I folded my arms.
“Doll, you don’t have to explain anything to me. I just have a fucking feeling that you are fucking your boss.”
“Well, you can stay if you like or you can leave. The only thing I can say for you and your conclusions are you’ll be missing out on me.” I started walking to the bathroom for my shower. As I opened the shower curtain, Ron walked in behind be with nothing on.
“I don’t fucking trust you,” He stated.
“I’m not your woman to trust.” I replied.
“Shut up. I don’t trust you, but I do love you.” We stepped into the shower and Ron pressed my body against the shower wall, grabbed my neck as he pressed his lips to mine, and we were at it. Ron was rougher than I liked and after we were finished showering I had to address it.
“I need some space from you.” I stated.
“What is it now?” he questioned unfazed.
“I don’t like this crazy ass side you’re bringing my way. I am not your girlfriend, I have never accepted being your girlfriend and you acting like this doesn’t sit well with me.” He looked at me and started dressing.
“It’s all good because honestly I’m over the same bullshit. I just wanted to fuck you one last time.”
“I hope it was worth it because darling I have no regrets, no issues, and I’m damn sure not in any way in love or love you.” His face completely turned from his smirk into a scowl.
“You have become such a bitch.”
“I’m a bitch? You just said that you wanted to fuck one last time. Get out of my fucking place Now!” I let him out of the house as soon as he was fully dressed and we both didn’t look back.
What had just happened in my little existence? What was happening and how could I fix it? I was tired of the bullshit. I was, in a way, glad that Ron removed himself from the situation but was sad of how it ended. I wasn’t sure how to feel but all I knew was I had to watch my back.

“Hey baby girl.” His voice soothed every bone in my body.
“What did you say when Ron answered the phone?” I asked ignoring his voice.
“He answered, I asked for you, he asked me who I was, and I, in return, said just give her the phone dude.” I could tell he was telling the truth, but I knew Ron must’ve known who he was. Who else would be so confident to ask another man for their woman without hesitation?
“Well, why did you do that? He approached me and said I was fucking my boss.”
“But you are.” He responded.
“It’s not funny. I don’t place you in bullshit situations with Niecy.”
“I apologize.” He responded.
“You aren’t sorry. You wanted him out of the picture.”
“I did and I got it.”
“And you want me to go from Sugar Baby to mistress right?”
“I want you to go from sugar baby to future wife.” I didn’t speak. I couldn’t…

What do you all think? What the hell is going on with Tia and James? BUMP OR DUMP!

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2 thoughts on “Sugar Baby: Scandal

  1. Omg ugh poor Ron………Poor Ron, I feel so bad for him. That’s not right how James is thinking he can have his cake and eat it too. He is not going to leave Niecey, not right away for that matter so why cant he let Tia do what she do with Ron. That’s not right and Tia is playing a very dangerous game and in the end somebody is bound to get hurt. No matter what James says to Tia actions speak louder than words and he is still married, living, having sex and kicking it strong with his wife. He is keeping his wife around for a reason and this is going to be an ugly messy situation. Poor Ron and Poor Tia

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