Jumpstart Christmas Shopping for Bae

CoupleIt is the perfect time to start thinking of your significant others Christmas gift. Why? Because this is the time to be planning, plotting, and presenting. Let’s start:

What does your boo want? With this amount of time, you could plan something epic. Epic as in more than one thing or one massive gift that they will love. I was thinking more on the more side; put together a gift basket. Being creative makes it more intimate in my opinion. Put together an entire outfit for your man. Top, bottom, shoes, and accessories. If you aren’t fashionable focus on things he needs and add a subtle touch of you.


For those who choose less is more and spend over $350, buy the latest electronics.


But again think about the time you have to save. Starting in early November is the perfect time to ensure that the gift is amazing. Be wise and plan.

Be sure that you go through two phases: saving and hiding. Saving money will enable you to get the presents in a timely fashion. Look for the bigger picture when saving up the money. If need be start a layout but at least you are still financially stable. Once everything is saved and purchased, the hiding begins. The key to giving someone an amazing gift is keeping it a secret. Make sure to hide it an a place that your love can’t find it. Closets and trunks aren’t good spots because your love may have access to it. Keep it at a friends house and retrieve it right before Christmas.

Presenting the present is important as well. Have it wrapped to the tee; make sure that it isn’t easy to guess. I would suggest a box or multiple boxes. Multiple boxes will definitely excite your mate; who doesn’t like a lot of gifts. Be dressed and wear a smile because if you start now that gift will be all of that!

You can now see that it’s important to start holiday shopping early. We want you financially aware and romantically approved darlings.

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