TKs Take on NFL Week 9

   TKs Take on NFL Week 9

What can I say about week 9 that hasn’t already been said by this morning? Thank goodness the Falcons were on a bye and saved us all from having to watch mediocrity. As for the rest of the league, this must have been opposite world. That San Diego (Super) Chargers lost to the Miami Dolphins 0-37. Philip Rivers and his squad could muster no offense at all. The NFL and it’s bizarre scheduling had the Chargers in Miami and had them playing at what felt like 10 am to the west cost players bodies. I’m not making excuses for San Diego, but you try having jet lag and reporting to work. It’s brutal. Peyton Manning took his highly touted Broncos into Foxboro and it did not end well. Although Manning added two touchdowns to the career record and consecutive games with a touchdown, Peyton would tell you he’d gladly trade them both for a win; this is a man that’s all about team.

Manning probably enjoys having to match wits against Bill Belichick and the New England defense. No one makes better second half adjustments than Manning; Sunday was not his day. Oddly enough, it snowed on Sunday and was 60 degrees today. Manning doesn’t play well in cold weather, sometimes things just don’t go your way. They didn’t go well for Eli Manning either, the brothers had the worst 24 plus hours of any professional QB siblings could have. Eli was beat down at home, double ouch.


That brings me to my Dallas Cowboys, things did not go their way on Sunday. The first 7 points put on the board in this game was a pick six that but the Dallas Cowboys up. That may have been the only defensive play they made all day. Dallas lost 28-17 and DeMarco Murray’s consecutive 100+ yards per game ended at 8 as DeMarco was denied 100 for the 1st time this season. Tony Romo was sidelined with a back injury. Arizona put 8 men in the box and dared Dallas to beat them with Weeden, a QB that was cut by the Browns. Needless to say it didn’t happen and a team that had won 6 straight has now lost 2 straight. The bright spot is that they get the Jacksonville Jaguars (in my beloved England) on Sunday. This will be the second game the Jaguars will play in London this year. I’d like to tell Roger Goodell that while I wear Jaguar cologne, and drive a Jag on occasion, do not think about moving that crappy franchise here. We are class and they would not be well received here.

The Philadelphia Eagles lost Nick Foles probably for the regular season to a broken collarbone, and won with Mark Sanchez. Unlike Philadelphia and their crass fans, we wish Foles a speedy recovery as we don’t want to see anyone get hurt. The Eagles aren’t the best team in their division, they aren’t even the best team in their state. The six (6) time Superbowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers routed the Ravens in a divisional game 23-43. Ben Roethlisberger became the first QB in NFL history to throw six (6) touchdowns in consecutive games, and only the second QB ever to have multiple games where they’ve throw six (6) TD passes in one season.

The Patriots were left for dead a few weeks ago, and now they’re ranked #2 in the Power Rankings behind the Arizona Cardinals. In the immortal words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast sweetheart,” The American audience is such a prisoner of the moment. I know the NFL is a short season and teams that string together some wins should be considered a playoff team. The only team that has played consistent football week in and week out is the Arizona Cardinals. Two weeks ago the American public screamed it was the Dallas Cowboys, then the Denver Broncos, some are now screaming it’s New England. Pump your breaks people. We are at the halfway mark of the football season and we will see by week 13 who the real teams are.

The Washington, DC (PMA and Hodge Ink will NOT use their moniker) football team beat the Tony Romoless Dallas Cowboys last Monday night with 3rd string QB Colt McCoy. Coach Jay Gruden went back to Robert Griffin the 3rd and promptly lost to the Minnesota Vikings. San Francisco lost on a questionable fumble AT HOME versus the Rams, and Jim Harbaugh (a Michigan Man) seems ready to return to our beloved alma mater. He just doesn’t look like he wants to be with San Francsico, and they’re rumors that he’s lost the locker room. To that we say, “Go Blue!” Seattle looks like they are trying to get back to form but a 24-30 win over the hapless Oakland Raiders wasn’t convincing, and if I were a fan, I’d be worried. They look like a one and done.


The Jets, Giants, Texans, Buccaneers, Browns, and Falcons all stink and can kiss the playoffs good bye. The Colts, who beat the Giants on Monday Night Football may have just cemented their AFC south crown as they have a full two game lead.

Best Games Next Week: 49ers at Saints and Dolphin at Lions both at 1PM EST. The Jacksonville Jaguars will host the Dallas Cowboys at Wembly Stadium, and of course the sorry Falcons will travel to Tampa and find a way to lose to the Buccaneers..

TK’s Top Five

1. Arizona Cardnals
2. Denver Broncos
3. New England Patriots
4. Indianapolis Colts
5. Detroit Lions


Photo Credit: Manning & Brady via NFL

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