Introducing Allé Boutique‬ By Alysa Baker


Introducing Allé Boutique‬ By Alysa Baker

Allé Boutique is a new online boutique where women can purchase the hottest accessories. There are a variety of earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklace to choose from which we here at PMA have below.

Alysa Baker, Owner of Allé Boutique, says: “I have always wanted my own business and wanted to work for myself. I love fashion and the mix of the two gives you Allé Boutique.” It was her unwavering dreams that led to the launch of this boutique. How many of you have a dream, but are afraid to go for it? Alysa was not afraid. She launched her boutique and we are loving the individual pieces. We have here some of our personal favorites.

Double Trouble Triangle Necklace for $25.00
Long double triangle pendant goes a long way with a cute long sleeve shirt, jeans, and boots.


Multiple Mesh Chain Set for $16.50
Comes in three different colors; gold,rhodium, or mesh black. It’s a cute pairing for a day at work–black slacks, cute blouse, and black pumps.



“I want my business that has a purpose. I want to help young ladies understand that they can follow their dreams and to have confidence and love themselves at all times. Today, female are too busy trying to be somebody else and not respecting themselves. That’s how I came up with the slogan: “Own Your Pretty. Own Your Style. Be you.””

Metal Bar Drop Earrings for $7.00
These are perfect for a pencil skirt, boots, blouse, and long sweater.


Feather and Leaf Midi Ring Set for $12.00
Hello, who doesn’t love midi rings? This goes with any style. Accessorizing is the best to express how you feel with your choices pieces.


 Ladies, here you go, a place to accessorize from home or the privacy of your work desk with reasonable prices. We are urging you all to visit the site and make sure you choose wisely plus Christmas is coming up and we are loving the presentation. 



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