American Music Awards 2014

AMA.2014.LOGO.1A_CMusic Mondays: American Music Awards ’14

As I was sitting in my mommy’s bed like a five year old sniffing and sneezing, I turned on the AMA’s to  take a look at everything and everyone for your Music Monday. Here are my high and lows of the evening:

Opening Act: Taylor Swift “Blank Space” performance for the opener was cute, but typical Taylor Swift. Of course, I think she is cute as a button, love lover, boyfriend basher, and I love the song, but it’s typical. I would have preferred a better opener to get everyone locked in and interested yet we have regular Taylor Swift.

Sam Smith’s Performance: I am so proud of the talented Sam Smith who won Favorite Male Artist for Pop/Rock. His performance was amazing; his voice was clear, smooth, and tied with A.S.A.P Rocky lyrics made him a favorite of the evening.

Ariana Grande: I absolutely love Ariana Grande; she has grown so much since her hit show “Victorious.” She really reminds me of a little Mariah Carey regardless of what anyone says, she’s smooth, talented, and a diva! The Weekend is like the dopest artist ever and Grande’s brother Frankie loved the performance for his sister. One of our highlights.

Selena Gomez: Selena says she is tired of you all telling her how to live her life and who the hell she can love. My little darling even cried in her AMA performance of “The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants.” She was absolutely gorgeous, sang her heart out, and even whispered, “Thank you Jesus” in her performance. I feel bad for the girl, but that’s none of my business.

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian: Love Wayne to death, but this performance was awful. Yuck and a half. Milian’s voice is the same so-so voice that we don’t want to hear live and Wayne looked no where near attractive or prepared for anything. We just aren’t excited about the duo.

Here are our favorite performances; fashion is coming up a little later! Until then watch the performances.

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