I Urge You: Travyon Martin Reflection



There are no words for Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin that will calm their storm. There cannot be— except for we’re sincerely sorry for your loss. I’ve never witnessed my child being murdered or the verdict for the murderer being not guilty and for that I offer another apology. But this post isn’t for just the grieving of a murdered young black man. It’s an urge for intellect, unity, and strength. It’s an urge for young black men and women to open their eyes to what happens when you allow ignorance to infiltrate your life and poison your mind to say things such as, “Why y’all even putting up black out pics? It won’t change the decision.” Or “Y’all niggas ain’t care last week? Y’all some bandwagon supporters,” as if this trial was a mere basketball game.

We haven’t had to bear as much as our ancestors; they’ve gained much more than we appreciate. They have patted us on our asses so we wouldn’t have to feel the pressures they dealt with for us and now we’re the result of a saddening generation. We lack the confidence to unify with our race after years of unhealthy relationships. We can never stand together on one subject without demeaning another person. We cannot discuss matters that affect us because we haven’t made ourselves aware of the matters and no one holds us accountable. Those that do ask us to step up we mock them and ignore the message. The media helps feed these poisons, but we perpetuate them in our culture. We can’t blame the white man for everything y’all.

First, it was Trayvon’s friend Rachel Jeantel and how she appeared with her dialect. Then, we pull those two lines from earlier in the post. Now, we have people boasting about killing Zimmerman, ragging on each other for being “bandwagon” supporters, and these unsuspecting riots. What the entire hell is wrong with us? Are we really this ignorant to the world and what’s really going on? Pardon My Audacity would like to urge you all to please pick up a book, listen to a lecture podcast, read what lies on the pages of diverse genres, and then become a wiser generation. I am not perfect and I’m not one who believes I know every issue, but I understand that we must stand as an intelligent and rational group of brown and black faces. We must march for causes and stop fighting and killing one another. I urge you for at least holding in your comments as they tend to piss me off.

I find that the African American community is always in a state of constant division and whenever someone speaks up about it they are immediately torn to shreds while we snicker behind our computer screens. We are cowards. We are cowards in this day and age and for this we have no voice. We have nothing, but our stereotypes, food stamps, welfare, and our materialism. We are left with our colorism and self-hate. We are left with nothing but black and bruised bodies from injustice, oppression, and ourselves. But I digress yet I urge you to be someone with a voice… Pardon My Audacity…


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