Sports & Relationships!

DBShhh Just Got Real

This new contribution for Pardon My Audacity was offered to add a male point-of-view to the relationship and lifestyle section of the blog. It will be HONEST and MAY offend people without an open mind.

Derry BrowningCEO of 3MG

Twitter: @BigHustle973

Instagram: @Hu$tle1983

Sports & Relationships

Fellas, you know how we are when it comes to sports… That’s our zone or private time. But in this day and age, some women are really on their shit when it comes to sports. These women know key players and know statistics. Fellas, I don’t know about you, but to me there’s nothing sexier than a woman that I can trash talk with about her team and she can talk it back with just as much knowledge as I know.

Skylar Diggins, a woman in the "know" about sports. PC: The Oakland press blogs

Skylar Diggins, a woman in the “know” about sports. PC: The Oakland press blogs

If your woman is watching UFC to NFL,  she is usually on top of it all or at least a few stats. If this woman is in your life you should be having so much fun in your relationship. Instead of gambling with the fellas, gamble with your lady. See how interesting the relationship can be by actually having your woman participate in your sports life. Ladies, just think about it… This could be your way of getting him to do the things you couldn’t get him to do. The same applies to guys.

Remember you always want to keep the spark going and this is a different approach. So as I go make a bet on this Heat vs Pacers series, just remember a relationship is work but you have to make it fun and enjoyable to you.  Now fellas, after you’ve lost and she has you watching that movie you dread going to see or taking her out anywhere of her choosing devise a plan on how you can get her in the next go round. Ladies if you find yourself doing all his chores or whatever he has u doing, read up on your stats and be ready because you know the war is on as you know … Shhh, Just Got Real

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