Indie Artist Spotlight: Drea Love


Pardon My Audacity had the pleasure of meeting with R&B and Pop Starlight Entertainment “break out” artist Drea Love. Drea Love started out in the church singing her butt off, but had dreams of becoming a professional, self-sufficient artist. She has opened up for amazing artists including R. Kelly and Dwele. She just put out a summer hit entitled, “Summer Fun” with the one and only King of the Dancehall himself, Beenie Man. Drea has something to say and isn’t just a beautiful face, but a role model with a beautiful voice.

Jas: Tell the readers a little about who Drea Love who is.

DL: Drea Love is well, let’s see. Drea Love is originally from Mississippi and loves the artistry of being a singer. I began singing at an early age, singing in the church and school choir. At the age of 6, I began dance classes and loved it and knew I wanted to be in the spotlight. As years went by I had been in over 50 talent shows and won. I went on to college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in MS. By me being a college graduate, I moved to Atlanta to try and pursue a modeling and singing career,but bills had to be paid so I had to postpone my dream a little by getting a full time job. But recently for the past two years, I have been able to try and fulfill my dream. Besides being an artist, I am a wife and mother first. I love my family and enjoy spending time with my husband and two beautiful little boys. I am a very laid back person until it comes to business. I have the mind set of getting to the goal of providing for my family where they won’t have to worry about anything. I am an independent artist with Starlight Entertainment, an Atlanta-based independent entertainment label. I am the “break out” artist of Starlight. We have four other artists on the label in which we will have a Mix tape with all of us this summer coming out. I have been very fortunate to open for several artists in Atlanta such as R. Kelly, Dwele, and Dave Hollister. All performances were at Taboo 2 in Atlanta. I have also had the privilege to sing with Keni Myles of “The Rude Boyz” and Dave Tolliver of the 90’s group “Men at Large”. In the past year I have performed all over the city of Atlanta at venues such as Studio630, Apache, The Sweet Auburn Lounge, Taboo 2, The Sweet Auburn Fest, Jazz Fest and many, many more. I am working on building my brand and my artistry.

DSC_7549b (1)

Jas: What motivates you to make the music you make?

DL: What motivates me to make the music I make is trying to make people feel good and sing about things positive things. I am a R&B/Pop artist so I make music that you can dance to in the clubs, skating rinks, and your family reunions (Laughs). My music is easy to relate to and talk about things that people may not want to talk about or scared to but want to hear it. I wanted to make music that people love to hear and not toss your CD in the trash. I try to be a role model and think of younger people that will listen to my music so therefore there is no cursing or vulgar language in my music.

Jas: You just had a single release party. You released “Summer Fun” featuring Beenie Man. Tell readers about the single and how it was working with the legendary Beenie Man.

DL: Well, the single is entitled “Summer Fun” featuring the great nationally known Jamaican artist Beenie Man. The single was brought to me by Hitsquadd Productions and written and produced by Karma and Taffari of Hitssquadd Productions. Do you remember that song Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff made “Summer Time”? Well this is kind of like the Reggae version. It’s the song everybody will be playing at all the summer BBQ parties. It’s a fun song that everybody can vibe to. I enjoyed working with Beenie Man on this song and was so honored for him to even agree to do it for me. He even did a few radio drops for me which was cool.

Jas: Sooo what readers want to know is do you have an album or mixtape coming out? If so, tell readers about the upcoming project.

DL: I currently have a mixtape on iTunes entitled “Let it Go’’ hosted by Atlanta’s own V-103 DJ Greg Street. It’s kind of giving you a sneak peek of what’s to come on the next project for Drea Love. It gives you a little dance and a few songs about relationships. I had a few different producers and writers on this album. On my next project I will be working with producers that will give me a variety of music that will describe me as an artist only because I feel like the album will flow better and it can give me a range of music that people can relate to. My music varies from R&B, Pop, Reggae, and a little Urban Rock.

Jas: How would you describe Drea Love for new fans?

DL: Drea Love is a hot new artist that’s bringing it to the R&B/Pop world. She’s fun, vibrant, and likes to take risks with her music. She likes to interact with her fans in person and on social media sites. I would like to see myself as relatable. I’m just me..take it or leave it.

Jas: What sets you apart from every other female artist?

DL: I think what sets me apart from every other female artist is that I’m just me. I can’t try and be like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Brandy and other great female artists like them. Only they can do what each individually do, they just bring their unique style and that’s what I plan to do- Be Drea Love.

Jas: What’s next with Drea Love?

DL: What’s next for me is just performing around the city and neighboring states at different venues with my other Starlight Entertainment label mates. Also, I will be getting back in the studio working on hot new music. You may see me as the face of up and coming cosmetic lines and liquor distributors. I want to get myself out there to be known because I do believe I have what it takes to be a great artist. I’m ready to entertain the WORLD! Also, I will be working on some new projects with an Atlanta-based TV film crew hosting for several shows for entertainment events around Atlanta.

Jas: Where can readers find you?

DL: Of course they can find me on “Pardon My Audacity.” I’ve been featured in “Makin It” magazine, also “Hot Block magazine” and a few others.

Pardon My Audacity had an awesome time at the single release party and talking with Drea Love. There are endless places to find Drea Love. I will have all the links at the bottom of the article for you to check her out.

Find Drea here:


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